New member from San Jose California


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May 10, 2021
San Jose, CA
What's up everyone, I bought a 1990 mustang GT a little under a year ago. it was a barnyard find and a project for myself, since then I have done alot of work... Fuel pump and filter, igntition cylinder, AOD to T5 swap, front suspension bushings tie rods, replaced steering rack, solid steering shaft Koni yellows, gt40 heads and intake.

I had rod knock so I just replaced my engine with another used one which I went through with all new gaskets, checked the bearings which were in way better shape than my first 302. I also have the old block at a machine shop as we speak. That 302 I am trying to convince my dad to put in his 66 mustang coupe, once its all said and done.

anyway much love and respect to everyone sharing there knowledge on this forum, I have learned so much it cant be quantified. I figured I have enough knowledge know to help some other people out.
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