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Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by MJRoss, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Hi all. Just dropping a line saying hi and am new member to this forum.
  2. Lost wages... :chin. That means you're living in the U.S. under the obama administration. o_O
  3. Ain't that the ever loving truth. Welcome to the land of un-employment!! LMAO!!!!

  4. Heya.... don't forget to post pics of your ride! We love pics. :D

    Welcome to SN! :nice:
  5. Pics already posted for the build in progress. Motor finally down to plugs, pulleys and hoses and AOD getting ready to get rebuilt prior to paint and body.
  6. :whine:
  7. As far as the Mustang is concerned, my projected complete date for it is in less than 2 years as I plan on having it finished before the 50th Anniversary get together that they are going to have out here at the speedway and shelby plant.
  8. Welcome. I just stay away from casinos. Lose very few wages that way. Now when my job at Nellis goes away, then lost wages it will be.

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  9. I grew up here and was pulled away for a while with the Air Force. I do stay away from the casinos myself although sometimes I just go out to have a little fun with what limited budget I can spare for entertainment/poker.
  10. On the bright side you can still find that limited budget for poker/building your ride :shrug: Welcome to SN
  11. Very true. Now if I can keep my body in one piece then we will be all good! lol!! Still trying to find other parts as well.