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Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by silver04, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Hello everybody im new to the forum but not new to stangs this is my third. i've owned a 1965 coupe, a 1986 gt hatch and now my 04 GT so hello to all.
  2. Welcome!
  3. Welcome, you don't happen to be in the military? I know OKC pretty well, I was stationed at Ft. Sill for 7 years and went up to OKC all the time.
  4. yeah im in the navy stationed at tinker AFB
  5. Welcome!
  6. Welcome! :)

    My brother in law is posted at Vance in Enid.
  7. awesome that's pretty close to me.
  8. Welcome Aboard! :)
  9. welcome to the site, enjoy
  10. thanks everyone for all the warm welcomes.