New Member introduction 1990 Foxbody Hatchback


Jan 19, 2019
Houston, TX
I had this car since 1995 bought form freind. I Drove to 220,000 mile then put it in Garage for
last 10 years. Last two years have been upgrading: So far, had 1) re build engine with .003 bore, forged piston, AFR 58 142 head, trick Flow Intake, BBK fuel rails, 29 lbs injectors, all new sensors., Pypes exhaust header, 2) T5 rebuild using Ford kit And new couch and BBK cable, 3) painted engine Bay, 4) replaced Front and Rear Suspension using Maximummotorsport kits, 5) changed to Ford 3.5 differential., with aluminium drive shaft, 6) new gas tank, 7) pan hard bar, front strut bar. 8) k member brace, 9) Restores engine bay electrical wiring with new electrical tape and conduits, 10, upgrade to 3 G Alternator and Electrical Fan, 11) MSD 6AL2 programmable 12) changed power steering, connecting rod, and steering bearing. 13) 2.5 inch BBK H pipe w/ cat, and Pypes cat back

At present, plan to install engine in the car, hook up transmission, exhaust and prepare to start The engine.Keep you all posted as I progress.

just to thank for having the information and resources available to all of us for Foxbody project.
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