New member/Mustang owner from MS

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  1. Hi, new to the forums.

    I actually wound up with this Mustang. My daughter was dating a guy who thought it had major problems and was going to give it away. He had just recently bought it himself from a guy who built it. I told him if he was going to do that to give it to me! So he did, I transferred the title/registration a few days ago.

    When I got it started, I knew this was more than a simple V8 swap.

    It's a 1989 LX notch, originally a 4 cylinder. I wish I could find the guy he bought it from. The original owner had written a list of things he'd done, but I can only make out "roush", "driveshaft" and a few other things.

    I do know it has an Edelbrock carb, Victor Jr. intake, Holley electric fuel pump, Dynomax exhaust all the way back from the headers, electric fan, 8.8 traklok (I think that's it). You can see where the subframe's been welded and reinforced underneath. I know the 5 speed's been recently rebuilt. Big wide tires on the back, damn near slicks now.

    It's four lug. I guess that was as far as the guy got. I want to upgrade to 5, maybe next year.

    I'll post pics tomorrow if I can.
  2. Welcome! Sounds like you will have quite the project (and outcome) here pretty soon.
  3. Thanks :)

    Since I paid $0.00 for the car, I'm on a mission to do the most with the least amount of cash. So far, an $80.00 alternator. She needs paint, some interior work (not much) and new tires and some electrical glitches. I used to be a body man and I'm now an EE technician so I can probably do that stuff on the cheap :nice:
  4. Welcome. :D