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  1. well i was really missing a 5speed after selling my Altima, so my wife(who is the greatest woman in the world)went to the dealer to get her sport trac looked at.
    When she came home she told me about how they were offering all their cars at the employee price(like GM is doing)and she also said they had a H/P White 5speed..

    we now have two ponies in our stable!!! one automatic and one 5speed!
  2. haha, i bet you want to trade her for the 5spd huh?
  3. the 5speed is for me, Cher(my hella-awesome wife) wants the automatic!
    woo-hoo! life is great!!
  4. Someone that can do a side by side comparison of the manual and auto :)
  5. oh, good idea fazm. Also, are there plans to make them twins, or will you make them completly different, like different style stripes, different grill?
  6. different color stripes, i havent completly made up my mind on the grill as of yet, i will probably strip betty, since Cher doesnt feel like the way i did the car is "her"
  7. You got to be kidding me!! LOL!! Thats sweet Kevin.. Congratulations!! 2 White Mustangs, which will have distinguishing his and her stripes!!

    I have a 2004 Tahoe, so another stang for the wife is out of the question... But I will enjoy your foibles into the genre!! LOL! Ford appreciates your patronage I'm sure!! :nice:

    What you have done for the American industrial machine is truley patriotic my friend... Like you, when I bought my 2004 Tahoe, I bought it at a time when GM needed it most.. Its only American to give back to ourselves when things arent going so well with the Amercan Auto makers.. :flag:

    Just for the record, at the time of my purchase of my 2004 Tahoe, I had no clue of the 2006 Cobra.. If I had any clue of its future existance, believe me, I would have bought one.. LOL!! But no worries, I'll recoupe the loss in my 05 V6 at some point in the future... LOL!!

  8. Thanks man, that was awesome!!! :flag: :hail2:
  9. Kevin, man, what'er we gonna do with you... hahaha

    You do realize this is going to mean twice the mods, and twice the fever... right? hehe
  10. ok so I drove Betty(the auto)and then Jane(the stick)
    the only problem that I have with the auto is that it shifts way up way too hella-fast. that can be alleviated though cant it?
    the 5speed is awesome! :nice: what a nice clutch and goes into gear nice and smooth.
    it almost feels like two different cars!
  11. Do this to the auto:
    :D You won't be sorry. :D
  12. i dont think Cher wants any more power in her car.
  13. It's not like she has to use it...but it will be there when she does. :nice: Or you could do it to your stick. :cheers:
  14. i would like to do the mod to my stick.
  15. You'll be amazed at the difference. At the very least, get the SCT-2.
  16. I just had a customer at my work give me his 96 lumina for free. All it needs is a fuel injector, and i get a brand new delphi for $84, plus an intake gasket for $8. So for under $100 i got a car worth that blue books for $3100-$3500

    EDIT: My point being i now have quite a fund for mods :)

    Wonder how deep into the 14's i can get with those mods.
  17. kevin... so which one wins? :)
  18. Might as well do gears while you are doing the t-lok! I'll go out on a limb here and say low 14s.
  19. ya i forgot gears, i just want to go to 4.10s nothin higher. (or lower however you want to take it)
  20. Man, you still havent spent more than like 1300 bucks on all that. Installation on the gears+t-lok shouldnt bring it to more than maybe 1600 at the most. Dude, headers! Finish up the round of bolt ons then dig into that motor!

    Personally, I would really invest in some sticky tires for the track. That is MAYBE the #1 investment you can make for a drag car.