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  1. 5-speed is all mine!! dont know what i will be doing to her.
  2. Did i leave off headers?.... i did. Ya i want those too. Sticky tires, im not too sure off, afraid of shattering somin in my drivetrain. If you mean just a higher end tire, like a bfgoodrich radial, then ya, thats a good idea but not until the rubber i paid for is gone :)

    By the way, i got the car finished today, injector took bout 1.5 hours to do (book time is 3.2) and the car runs great :) Time to start puttin it for sell.
  3. CAI $150-360
    tune $365
    headers $417
    exhaust $499
    tlok & gears $600?
    thats around 2k, i think id be good with that, and possibly havin a low 14/high 13 second v6
  4. I guess it really depends on what parts you choose...
    I paid just under 400 for my exhuast work in total, and that included 2 12" glasspacks and an H-pipe which I havent had installed yet. So I went:

    CAI: 250 (any more is unreasonable)
    Tune: X-Cal2+tune should be like 550 or so
    headers: 300 for MAC Shorties.. could probably find them cheaper somewhere else
    T-Lok: 150 for gears + 150 for T-Lok, so 300+ 150-200 install? So lets say 500

    So thats around 1500ish. 500 bucks headroom..

    Stage 3 Port & Polish is only 900 bucks from SuperSix Motor Sports.. that'd be my next goal. Includes fully ported Intake and Exhuast ports, full bowl work, 1.81/1.54 valves, 3-Angle job, springs, seals, surfaced, and assembled.

    You're really talking a good 13 second car now! Port & Polish + tune should be good for ATLEAST 45-50 rwhp
  5. No install for me :)
    didnt know the mac shorties were that cheap, thats over $100 less than the cheapest jba's i can find.
    so lets say for about $2500 i can probably have a v6 puttin close to 270 at the wheels? (with the port, headers, cai, tune, everything)
  6. CAI and tune 15hp (up to 25)
    headers 15hp (up to 20)
    exhaust 9hp
    port 45hp

    84+191 stock is 275 right?
  7. Sounds reasonable to me.
  8. heres an updated picture of my new pony