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  1. hiya guys/gals. first off let me me introduce myself, my name's Alex. ive never owned anything ford ever. im fluent with the automotive hobby as this would be my third project car. but as i said my first ford. there is a high possibility i will be getting my hands on a '68.

    i know nothing about the car except for it belonging to a fairly wealthy man who fixed it up back in the day, got bored with it, and then parked it for some time.

    he is looking for someone who will appreciate the car and not just flip it for profit. he doesnt want to go throught the hassle of selling it so he is lookng for a safe home for it to be given to, provided i take care of it.

    only problem is that i dont know what to look for on these cars as to problem spots, rust, and/or how to tell what model it is? (aside from the obvious fastback, coupe) like as in option wise. is there somewhere here that i can check for vin codes, color codes, etc? any help would be great. im going to hpefully talk to the owner friday or this weekend. thanks in advance.

  2. mustangs are prone to rust. Check the floor boards, frame rails, under the battery tray, sides of the trunk, cowl vents.

    You can check the door tag to get the trim options and paint codes. The vin should be on the drivers side engine bay, where the fender mounts. Its also stamped on the passenger side, but usually not visible. IIRC 68 has the vin in the windshield dash area.

    The plus side, is with the 68. If the only solid piece of the car is the roof. You can rebuild it with repop parts.
  3. awesome. i called about the car today and left a message. hopefully i hear back within the next few days. i really hope i get this car because ever since i was told about it i've been really getting into them. ive got some access to old shop manuals as well as my entire highschool shop when needed to work on it.
  4. ok i have FINALLY gotten ahold of the owner. there had been family issues but all is cleared now. the car is in fact a '66 3 speed inline 6 coupe. some floorpan rust up front and a semi dissassembled interior.
  5. post pictures if you can!