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Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by tinker_52, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Hi, all!
    I've owned my '70 Coupe for about 20 years; bought it from my dad, who'd parked it in '78, after a spinal cord injury. So, it's been in the family since new (9-69). Originally 303-2V, I'm building a Clevor 351 for it. Toploader 4-spd. I have every little thing to assemble it, except the crank. I want to use a steel, std-stroke windsor crank. I expect it to be a decent street performer, enough for me, at this point anyway.
    I also own a 2-owner shortbed '69 F100 Ranger, mostly original two-tone blue and white [.030+ 390 AT], a clean stock-trailer hauler incl. a 5th wheel, from out West 'til '95.
    I like music, History, maritime artifacts, '60s dirtbikes, and sports.
    I'm retired Navy, now an Electrician.
    I have three grand-kids, on whom I dote, and enjoy a lot, so I stay pretty busy.
  2. Welcome!