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  1. I'll keep you in mind. The advantage with a bare block is that it's probably ready to go straight to the machine shop. The disadvantage is I'll have to come up with all the other parts on my own somehow.
  2. by small, I mean SMALL! It's not a bare block, it just doesn't have the front accesories
  3. Another alternative is a ford racing performance products 306. Check it out at late model restoration. Not the most powerful but a completely rebuilt engine with alum heads that makes 340hp. has a DIY 347 shortblock for just over 2k. And dss racing in Lombard,Illinois adv they have a shortblock kit under 2k. I'd supply links but I'm on my phone and am an idiot because I don't know how lol
  4. I've seen the Fordstrokers kits. They look really nice, but $2k for just a block and internals is a bit spendy IMO. I'd be more tempted to buy elerm1's 302, then take a trip to the machine shop and maybe buy a new crank and higher compression pistons. Then I'd have more left over for a TFS or whatever. The 306 crate is pretty tempting though, even though 340 hp is getting a bit on the low side for a modded 'Stang. IMO anyway.

    I dunno about the crate route. Part of me wants to do the entire build myself, but another part of me is afraid of screwing it up.:rolleyes:
  5. I agree on the FRPP 306 I just was giving another alternative. Sounds like to me you'd probably have the best luck/bang for your buck with a junk yard explorer 302. You can live and learn playing with one of those and make some descent power on the cheap. Elarms 302 is probably a good idea also if you get it reasonable. Have it machined,new pistons,rings,bearings, recon the rods and crank,etc and throw a h/c/i and have fun. Good luck with your project.
  6. i'll stir the pot and ad my favorite low buck engine swap- mid 90s explorer motor- swap out the cam and springs and for a reasonable amount of $$ you have a motor that is anywhere betwen 260-280 hp. Comes with GT40 heads, intake, 65MM TB., add a TFs1 cam and TFS springs and have fun.

    If you are looking for a preassembled short block, I'd also consider Mark Oneal at CHP. For about $2k they can build you a nice little short block that will hold 350-400 hp.
  7. OK, stupid question time. What's the real-world difference between the TFS Street Heat and Track Heat kits? Besides the $51 I mean... They claim an additional 10hp with the track kit and the only thing I see that's not identical is the valve lock style changing from 7 degrees to 10 degrees. What's that do? Does it change amount of valve lift or overlap or something?:shrug:
  8. yep, about 10hp between the street and track heat intakes. I'd spend the extra $50 bucks as that is a good bang for the buck and the track heat gives you room to grow. I think the runners are shorter on the track heat as well for moer torque but that is from memory.
  9. OK. My next question might already be answered since it looks like there's a ton of threads on 331 vs 347... I'll do some reading before I come back here asking more stupid questions.
  10. How small is small? You can send me a PM if you'd rather not post it on here.
  11. 100 buck for it and the stand that its on. You also have to pick it up of course!
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  12. That's a good deal! :nice:
  13. Sounds like a sale to me.:D What did it come out of, how many miles are on it, is it already bored, etc?
  14. Here's an interesting article. 331 rotating assembly into a 5.0 with 190cc heads. 397/377 on their dyno.:nice: Maybe I'm looking at the wrong top end kit? I just liked the idea of everything included; it takes the guesswork away from me, since I'm a newb.


    Oh, I found a local guy who installed my chin spoiler, aligned the front bumper cover properly, fixed the headlight fitment, and set the hood spacing... all for $85.:hail: I gave him $100 since I hate doing those sorts of cosmetic things.

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  15. My recipe for the 302 on the cheap.
    #1. Explorer eng out of junkyard
    #2. Clean it up and rebuild the heads with (DIY) port job,guides,seals,VALVE SPRINGS,gaskets,etc. new custom cam. Swap it into mustang
    #3. On3 turbo kit with all the related fuel,ign,exh systems and a tune
    #4. A good automatic trans and proper rearend setup
    Realistically you could do all this for fairly cheap and in stages ie engine then turbo etc. End product can make an easy safe tuned 400rwhp to a more aggressive tuned 500+rwhp. Hell the turbo kit is cheaper than high end tfs/Afr heads
  16. Sounds like a fun budget project for if I ever pick up another 'Stang. Although, I can't see myself ever wanting an automatic transmission.
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  17. So TFS tech support tells me their kit would be a great choice paired with 331 internals (of course):rolleyes:. I'm a bit skeptical after reading a bunch of threads claiming low rwhp numbers from the TFS kit that claims 360 crank hp... The heads included are 170cc and the cam is a stage 1 I believe. A lot of the better builds I'm finding are using 185 heads and probably a more aggressive cam. It's hard to wade through all the online BS...:cool: Thoughts?

    EDIT: I'm buying elarm's 302 block btw.
  18. send me your number and I send pics of it tonight when I get home
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  19. Ok here again lol. For a well built 331-347 run at least a 185cc head. I prefer the new tfs 11r comp ported 205 heads. They have topend valvetrain components with 2.08x1.60 valves and can support up to 650hp n/a. Run a custom hyd roller cam(for the street if racing and want 7k rpm go solid roller) compression around 10:1,good rods&crank,tfs r intake(or comparable),90mm tb and mas,42#inj,at least a 255lph pump,long tube headers,good ign system and a dyno tune. Easily capable of 400+rwhp. The 170cc tfs heads and topend kit are fine for a milder build. With a 331 you can still make 350 or better at the wheels with that kit. The difference between the two would be around .7-1.0+sec in the same car(depending on the extent of the eng build,driver ability,etc) tons of tfs topend kit Strokers running around. If you want more than that it just takes more research,time, and of course $$