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  1. Hey guys thought I should finally join up, long time reader here. Great site for info and people are real nice around here. I have 3 foxbodies. An 89 gt with bolt ons, am 89 stock notchback 5.0 and a 2.3 calypso green notchback(i couldnt pass it up, got it for almost free!!)I recently picked and got running for daily commute. Looking foward to being a member of this great site!

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  2. Welcome aboard!

    Pics of the VeeHiklez when you get the chance. :)
  3. Welcome man! I was born in SD and have a 619 tat on forearm. I've had a couple foxes too, good times
  4. Thanks guys, great site/forum.

    Pictures of the stangs comin right up.

    Yeah, love San Diego weather! Which is why I need get myself a t top. And theres an 88 t top gt in my neighborhood too! Hmm....




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  5. Yea man i miss Diego. Was born and raised there, when I was 17 I moved to the D.C. area and have sadly been here 11 years. I say do wont regret it
  6. Yeah, weather is always nice and sunny out here. Dont think I could ever leave Cali, only downside is strict emission laws.

    The t top is in good condition too, its got a few bolt ons already and five lugged too. He wants $ 3,500

    Do you still have your t top?

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  7. Good lookin stable! Love the staggered wheels on the blue car!
  8. Yea I actually just got it maybe 6-7 months ago. Had a 90 gt til i saw this ugly ass neglected t-top sitting in a field. Took me a year to convince the old lady to sell it to me. Heres a before and after. As you can tell, just a half ass primer job to keep her from rusting prior to winter. Cost me an 18 pack of Bud, though I ended up drinking half of it :cheers:

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  9. i mean the sand/primer job, car cost me $1200
  10. Thanks 2Vnotch, yea really like em. Theyre Azevs, 17x7.5 up front and 17x10 rear.

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