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  1. Hey ford freaks just wanted to introduce myself I'm Eric and I bought a 72 fast back last summer.It is a standard version without tach and sensor gauges just the dummy lights.It originally came with a 302 but had a 351c with 4v closed chamber heads.The engine is getting rebuilt right now with a comp cams x-treme energy cam and roller rockers.I am keeping the stock heads and intake but also had the trany rebuilt with a shift kit and a TCI 3000rpm torque.I installed a B&M mega shifter in it.It will be fueled by a quick fuel Q series 750 cfm carb. Hooker competition ceramic coated headers and flowmaster exhaust.

    Glad to be part of the group and you'll be getting some questions from me for sure .:nice:
  2. excellent!!!

    fresh meat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:
  3. Canadian bacon!? :shrug:

    Welcome.. Just friendly words of advice... because you go question crazy, search the forums :D. Most of the time you'll find what you need in a couple minutes instead of waiting a day for a response. The car looks nice from the 1" x 1" picture lol.
  4. there are more pictures in my profile haha.And I will search the forum first I PROMISE .
  5. Welcome to StangNet!!!
  6. Beware The Closet Crew / Gutter Gang!:D
  7. oh man, i gotta get better locks for your cage again.:nonono::nonono:
  8. I would say so, he ate the last ones!
  9. perhaps this time i will use a bank vault:D:D
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  11. where is my tranquilizer gun:mad::mad:
  12. I ate it.:p
  13. Glad it wasn't my turn to watch him!
  14. so I guess this is a running gag because everyone seems to be on it
  15. :rlaugh:
    Sorta....hang around here long enough and you'll pick up on it!

    BTW.....When was the last time you had a Tetanus shot?:D
  16. I've gotten the shot so often I think I've caught it
  17. Uh-Oh!

    If he's asking if you had a tetanus shot you better be careful he does not yank you down into the gutter, or worse yet the CLOSET!

    We just can't keep that door locked without Chelle.
  18. She didn't leave someone in charge of the key?! that explains it...