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  1. :jaw: :leaving:

    i d.d.d..ddoonn....DONT wanna be around when jimmy starts shootin...he actually hits what he's aimin at....from a LOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG ways away.....

    damn it...i better go lock up mongo before we all get dead

  2. You know you're starting to look a lot like an old Zenith.
  3. well he has been taking lessons from me, and he is getting better, and he is right, you do look like that old 27" zenith.:rlaugh::rlaugh:
  4. you mean that WASN'T moldy swiss cheese? Explains why my ham and cheese on rye was crunchy......:shrug:
  5. is that a FAT joke????? :)

    yeah...i was wondering why i woke up missing my left arm....
  6. Hey now, I've got to be honest; I've neglecting the 500 and 1,000 yard ranges a lot recently. Been working up decently accurate loads for the Pietta black powder re-pops.
    My 8" bbl Remington "Army Model of 1858" still likes 30gr of Pyrodex in front of a CCI #11 cap at 25 yards; but I've gone up to a Hornaday 185 gr .454 round ball over the recommended .451 - the groups tightened up considerably.
    My son Matt's little "Colt Confederate Navy Sheriff's Model" in a bogus .44 cal seems to be working out with 20 gr of Pyrodex and the .451's; but we're throwing a dial caliper on it after every session to make sure the brass frame isn't stretching.
    After these two get sorted out, looking at maybe a Remington .31 Pocket Pistol; but I already have a "Snake-eyes" double-barrel, double hammer derringer kit (cal .36 Navy) that probably originally came from DGW (It's the only place I could find one being sold). Gonna have to play with that one a bit; it's a little-bitty thing, and I'm not sure I want to try holding it and capping off that second barrel with anymuch more than 10 grains. I really don't want to look like those YouTube vids where Barney fires a tweaked Super Blackhawk in .500 Linebaugh; and it smacks him on top of the noggin after it flies out of his hand.

    Oh, hey! Congratulations, 72mustang. We GCC members usually let the new kids put up 3-4 threads before we 'jack one. :nice:

  7. Hey man, even BBFCMs need toothpicks!

    Besides, beats my patient in the ER yesterday...he took his right hand off with a log splitter!:nice:

    What can I say....I was bored, I haven't been on a good jacking in a lo-o-o-o-o-ng time!:banana:
  8. nope, just an indication that mongos hallucinations are infectious.:rlaugh::rlaugh:
  9. So are the BBFCM's fleas!!!:D

    AND....THEY are rabid!!!:eek:
  10. i have had all my shots.:D
  11. Don't worry.....they are house broken and I have them well trained to only attack on my command!:D
  12. Just try to keep that in mind when they are gnawing off body parts!
  13. Not a problem, as long as they get plenty of fresh meat!!!

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  14. I think we're going to need a bigger gun!
  15. Well, okay, then......

    I'm thinkin' it'll be both BP shooters; my 629 (aka "The B***h", a 'Modern' .44); may dig out that box of .00 and box of slugs for the 12 ga.........
    I dunno, should I break out the .270??? Probably not, no clue how much them critters would slow down with just a 1/3" hole on opposite sides or their exoskeleton.... maybe just the Marlin with some CCI .22LR hollowpoints to bounce around inside? :shrug:
  16. those things are going to need something serious, like a ma deuce with armor piercing incendiary rounds.:eek::eek:
  17. and drawn butter.....:D
  18. This could be serious, we may have to evacuate the Closet until we get this under control!
  19. Whaddya mean? They're housebroken and obey my every command!:p
  20. we dont have enough firepower on this board collectively to handle these things. perhaps we need to enlist the help of the high road?