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  1. That's what we are all so worried about!!!
  2. BTW.....QUIT throwing those "bug bomb" canisters in here, they just make the "fleas" hungry!:nonono:
  3. Now you guys are just being overreactive..... before you start calling in close-air support on The Closet; let me try a few things.
    I'll start with pulling the hunting plug outta Ol' Mossy; load 'er up with half-dozen .58 cal sabot rounds, stuff an equal amount 3" double-aught loads on the JDS speed-stick (that's a pump-gun speedloader); and see how they like it. Use "The B***h" loaded with Hydra-Shoks for backup.
    If that doesn't work, I'll open up a bottle of Jack and get creative. I like to get creative. :nice:

    And +10 on cancelling the bug-bombs! Y'know; now that Fuzzy has a girlfriend, he actually bathes (and not just getting doused with an inch-and-a-half during fire calls)!
    So, I finally get the smell outta the lime-green and gold shag carpeting and the Barcaloungers; and you guys start stinkin' the place up with pesticides! Sheese! :nono:
  4. bug bombs? i already know those things dont work on bbfcm's fleas. i have arraigned for some 1000lb incendiary bombs to be delivered, but i will hold off for now cause stangdreamin asked.:D:D
  5. StDr.....Athos, Porthos and Aramis (c'mon I just had to give them names, they're just so darn cute!!!) said the .58 cal sabot rounds, and the 3" double-aught loads tickled......:shrug:
  6. Oh, they tickled, did they...............

    rbohm, you could probably send the thousand-pounders back; ain't gonna be much in the way of burnable matter over a square-mile area after a couple-three days.
    However, if you were to plan a trip to Sandy Eggo this weekend; and if somehow you goofed up and found yourself in Phoenix, having to drive by Cabelas on your way to I-8; let me know. I may need a "replenishment order" of 15-20 pounds of Pyrodex and maybe 5-600 CCI #11 caps. Lead balls I'm okay on; won't be using them much. The order is just to get back up to normal stock levels after the party Thursday/Friday.
    EDIT:[/i] Oh, and could you grab a couple dozen Krispy Kreme's? My blood sugar might be a little lower than is good by Saturday morning. And thanks.
    Things should be pretty calmed down by Saturday about noon; I figure the police/fire/atf/animal control guys should be outta here by 10ish.

    Okay, so Mr Daniel and I had a little "pre-planning meeting" yesterday afternoon.... :shrug:
  7. Cute?

    They keep gnawing off the right arms of all the new guys!

    Now all they can drive are Mustangs with automatics.
  8. Ooooh.....hors d'oevres!!!:p
  9. thats it, i am pulling out the tactical nukes on these things.:mad::mad:
  10. Whaddya trying to do, give them heartburn???:nonono:
  11. then i should be getting out the strategic nukes?:D:D
  12. Okay, now we're in my territory!
  13. so how many pages does this usually go on for hahahaha.
  14. For as many as we can get away with!:D
  15. You obviously haven't taken an afternoon and read all 2,826 posts in the "Met The Girl of My Dreams...." thread. :nonono:

    The BBFCM over there on the east coast of The Closet (he, the keeper of the Juraissic Parasites) is the ranking all-time "Post Wh*re" on that thread; followed by me :stupid: ..... and THEN comes the guy who started the thread in the first place! :rlaugh:

    Hey- my wife even joined the Forum just so she could post to that thread! :p
  16. I am? REALLY??? :scratch:

    WOO HOOO!!!:banana::banana::banana:
  17. :nice::nice:

    dont forget the two word story either:D:D
  18. Yup, you are. As of right now, your post count on that thread is 498; followed by me at 465 and then Andy (BDT1967 for those who don't know him) at 462; then El Cheapo comes in at a disappointing 324!

    (Speaking of which, where is Dan anyway? I know he got a new-to-him motorscooter; but still, he doesn't usually disappear like this unless there's a female involved. Gonna have to snoop around on FB some more; see if he found a girl with a taste for "hopeless cases"; somebody like Miss Robin for you or Miss Susan for me)

    Ahhhhhhh...... that one lost it's allure. Last few pages were nothing but "The Football" throwing out "THE END" and one of us picking it back up. With no new storyline, it got boring.
  19. Yes Dan has been strangely absent.
  20. .....and WHO counted the number of posts?:scratch:

    Dan's been around FB, don't know if there is a woman or not, but he's also been off to the track w/ Cobrask8 alot.......:shrug: