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  1. Which track has he been going to?
  2. Not me! But if you click on the "number of posts" column for that thread; it tells you who posted how many times.

    Well, according to his post on FB; he was at Millville, NJ yesterday.
    Also according to FB; he was sitting on his deck drinking coffee "about an hour ago".
  3. He also posted a vid on FB a week or two ago fromhis trip to the track in CT.....they wouldn't let him run WOT 'cause Cobrask8 was too loud!:rlaugh:
  4. If you talk with him, see when he is going back to CT. Maybe we can all get together at the track.
  5. What you guys are done after only 4 pages come on you can do better than that.
  6. :nono:Ahhhh young newbie-san, you should NEVER challenge the Wise and Wicked Geezers of the GCC!!!:nono:
  7. You had to get him started didn't you?
  8. Cry havoc and loose the hounds of 'JACKING!!!!:rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:

  9. we finally had him calmed down, and you go and let him out again:nonono::nonono: so now it is your turn to put him back in his cage, and that means dealing with his little friends too. wear a heavy duty suit when you go to put him back.:D:D
  10. Nice guys!:nice:

    Feeding the poor lil newbie to the big ol' voracious BBFCM and his critters......:nonono:

  11. hey, he is the one that let you out this time, its his mess to clean up. i had to do it when i was a newbie.:shrug::shrug:
  12. And what a mess it was, not to mention having to comb out all his mats afterwards!
  13. :shrug:


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  14. Nice to see her standing on her own four wheels, and you've added a GT350 hood scoop too. But I suppose you will have to put the engine back in now that you've replaced the floorboards.
  15. Here is the "To Do" List, in order...:

    1) Finish body work.
    2) Paint.
    3) Install electrical systems.
    4) Install interior.
    5) Install drivetrain.
  16. Sally's looking right spiffy fritz!!!!!!

    you (sersiouly) don't know how happy i am that your getting to work on her again :)

    now if we can just get jimmy working on these things again......
  17. The UPS man has delivered her GT350R front valance and her subframe if it will just stop raining!!!:rolleyes:
  18. Are you going for the Shelby Coupe Look for Sally?
  19. Nope...The "Roemer Coupe" look......:D

  20. Hey, I think AJ knows of a place where you could get customized vinyl "GT stripes" after she's painted. He's got a set in Guardsman Blue; instead of "GT" or "GT350" the letter cut outs say "COBRA". Before Trish's blue 'vert lost about 2' off the nose to a maniac in a Ram 2500; he had just gotten the bright white ones for her. Color-coordinated Mustangs.

    They could probably cut you out a set that said "GT200". :nice:

    EDIT: Hmmmmmm something else to add to my "ideas list" ! After I finish the same type of work on Kathryn that you're doing on Sally, after the new color is sprayed on, and after the stroker kit for the Cleve; maybe I could get my pal Jackie (she has a sign shop and makes the vinyl "stick-on" signs for commercial vehicles) to make me a set of extra-loooooong rocker stripes in either a very muted light gold or a dark bronze. The fender stripes could say "6.5L GT" - I've been trying to figure out how to get that on the car; but the Cougar-specific badges are all from the late 60's; and their "style" doesn't match the 71-2-3 "script" on the exisitng badges.