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  1. I'm not going to put the "GT200S" on sally until AFTER I build up her drive train a la

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    I'm thinking 2V, headers w/ dual exhaust, possibly turbo........?:shrug:

    Before any of that tho' I have to finish the body work, get the electrical and interior re-installed, then I can work on the drivetrain.......:flag:
  2. be sure to contact mike personally before ordering the head. last i knew he was looking for a new supplier. but that is one awesome head though. he had a turbo'd 200 using that head and they made 325hp!! there is a guy on that put one on his 250 powered falcon, also turbo'd, and that car now gets into the 10 second bracket, and is still a daily driver:eek::eek: for his wife.
  3. :nice:

    And to think the original 200ci was rated at 120hp and the 289ci HiPo at 271hp!!!

  4. Sounds expensive!
  5. ~$3K:nice:
  6. Now for that you could get a brand new Ford Racing 5.0 with aluminum heads!
  7. sure you can, if you want a belly button motor.
  8. Anyone can drive a V-8. How many would expect to see that kind of performance from a '65 powered by a 200ci I-6?

    I'm looking for the :jaw: effect!!!:nice:
  9. So anyway, what color dress will Sally be wearing to the Prom?
  10. It won't be pink taffeta!
  11. Well that's a relief!

    Are you going back with the original Ivy Green?
  12. Yes, with the "Incan Gold" LeMans stripes.:nice:
  13. They should go together well. Is the interior either black or palomino?
  14. Going with the original palomino w/ woodgrain accents, and converting the door panels to "pony"......
  15. My very first Mustang must have been an identical twin to Sally.
  16. :worthlesb
  17. I never took any photos (hey it was 35 years ago), but believe it or not, I did keep the original sales receipt out of the glovebox for it, that lists all the codes, options, and price.
  18. I love my wife~! I asked her about getting an estimate from a local (well known) body shop to finish the body work and paint "sally" and she said absolutely!
    And the way she was talking to my stepson last night, I do believe I'll get the green light no matter what the $$$!!! :banana:
  19. Be interesting to see what that bill totals!
  20. I went to talk with one of the owners on Tuesday, bastard pretty much blew me off, took my info, said he'd call haven't heard since.........