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  1. new to this forum....i have a 93 mustang coupe bone stock 5.0 with a v-1 supercharger with the snow performance stage 2 meth kit boosting 10 pounds.........not tuned but dyno at 311 hp 335 tq letting off at 4800 rpm do to pinging car should have more power once i tune it.....heres a couple off pics....comments welcome.....
  2. Welcome to the forum!! No under hood pics?!?!? :D
  3. I'll have to put some,Im sorry i didnt I'll do that this week........
  4. :welcome: to stangnet! :nice: nice looking stang!
  5. thank you
  6. thank you,i'm trying to get it going,i just put the anderson pms piggyback and it pritty good on the tune they send me,im hoping to go in 2 week to the track I'll post the time slips......:nice: thanks again :nice:
  7. Cool, welcome!