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Mar 9, 2016
Phoenix, Az
Hello everyone, I am a first time Mustang owner (my very first car) I come from a family surrounded by Mustangs so it was only fair I got one for my first car lol. I drive a 2005 V6 Mustang (yeah I know v6 lol) everything I have on it is stock still. I love my car though. Fairly new to the car game since I'm only 20 years old and never paid attention to it all. I am slowly fixing it up my car since the car had a lot of problems when I first got it. So if any people from Phoenix, Az would like to meet up or talk about cars with a beginner I'm your guy lol. Plus it would be cool to hang out and talk to others that know all about this stuff.
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Nov 28, 2015
Welcome. Only a V6? You need to see what you can do with a six and it'll change your opinion on it being something less than a V8.

Go to the subforum for your body style and talk to the guys there about what you'd like to do with your mustang. All sorts of help to be had and people to just bs about your vehicle.
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