New Mercury Milan Commercial Has a Secret....

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  1. If you watch the new Mercury Milan commercial and listen to the song in the Backround the singer is spelling out something..... if you listen to what she spells out it say "Morning Wood" :D
  2. Fo real *****?
  3. So, what are they spelling out and what does it mean? I am having a hard time understanding what you are saying.
  4. Link to commercial plz! :D
  5. lol, i love that song. Its call "Nth (or The Nth) degree" by the guessed it..MORNING WOOD!!!
  6. i just want to let everyone know i hate this ****ing song... the used to play it at abercrombie when i worked there :notnice:
  7. That kind of music should be never played anywhere again

  8. +1
  9. QFT, my speakers just committed suicide


    may the next life treat you better, boys :flag:

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  10. The Mercury girl gives me wood....
  11. [​IMG]

  12. edit to my post. I would hit it, but I will not buy the Mariner that shes standing next to. I hate those trucks, stupid pos
  13. I think that mercury chick is the reason my Father has owned 2 Sables, a Grand Marque, and a Marader lol
  14. That's not really anything special. If you listen to the song "Morningwood - Nth Degree" they spell it out in the song.

    All the commercial is doing is playing the part where they are doing this.

    Oh and Jill Wagner is HOT! I love the commercials where she is in the blue top and blue heels :)