New Metal Fuel Lines?

Discussion in 'Fox Engine Swaparoo' started by Night Mare, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. I'm swapping a 5.0 into a 4 cylinder car and am looking for the metal fuel lines that run from the front of the passenger side subframe, up along the K-member in the wheelwell and turns toward the engine compartment behind the strut. Anyone know where I can get either a new pair, or a nice pair without much corrosion?
  2. Yep... Go to your favorite parts store and get some stock fuel line and a bending tool. Bend it any way you like. If you can't do the flare yourself then you can mock it all up, get it to where you want it and go to a machine shop to have the end flared.
  3. I have a nice complete set from a 93 Cobra at the shop, make me an offer...very good shape. I even have a set of stock fuel rails if you need them...
  4. The only type of metal lines my local auto parts stores (Auto Zone and Advance Auto) carry is brake line. I can bend and flare that, but you're talking about dedicated, metal fuel tubing I can buy?

    If I can get this done by buying the line locally, I'm going to do that Rick. I can't see why you'd want to break up your complete set anyway and I'm only looking for that short section of fuel line. Thanks though.
  5. Yes... you can buy fuel line stock. There are a couple of store near where I live that carry it in various sizes. Call around. Check some of the auto repair places near you as well. They might carry the stock even if the parts store don't.
  6. Napa says they have some, so. Should be good to go. Thanks!
  7. I bought a fuel line from summitracing for $38. Just have to bend and flare it.