1. well hears the deal... im turning 18 next week and graduating in 2 months.. which pretty much means i will be getting some cash. my car currently has 214k yea i no its crazy but anyways im going away to school in August and obviously taking my car with me. i dont want to have to worry about spending tons of money on my motor while im up at school i mean its expensive as it is. i want to buy a new shortblock and for graduation finish off the motor with some heads and intake etc... what is my best route besides rebuilding? sry for the long post
  2. Buy a crate MOTOR > see my thrad about motor vs engine LOL
  3. You can get a replacement 302 crate; oil pan to intake for $3200....but thats all it is, stock. It would be hard to go back to 225 hp after all this time:shrug: