New mufflers.. 1 chamber users COME on in!

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  1. i recently switched from my MAC to a used set of 2 chamber flows from some kid.... I noticed it go ALOT quieter which i do not like at all..

    A friend of mine came over yesterday and he has the same setup as me, but he has stock headers.. His car sounded ALOT louder then mine and with a flowmaster tone SOOO noticible... This is what makes me think that my mufflers are not 2 chambers..

    I am going to get new mufflers for christmas and i am not going to waste over 200 for a new set of 2 chamber mufflers installed IF they dont sound no different then my mufflers... How can i tell for sure which mufflers are on my car??

    I am thinking about either running 1 chamber flows or magnapacks.... A reason magnapacks would be cool is that its only made for newer stangs.. ive never heard one on a 5.0 .. Both would require custom bending because of the center in and out... so far my exhaust is.. MAC equal length 1 5/8 headers, offroad H pipe, and these "so called" 2 chambers into 2 1/2 inch pipes.... What do you think???

    A question for 1 chamber owners.... With tailpipes, will i absolutely lose that "flowmaster" sound??? if its all there, then i think I found my mufflers!
  2. uhhh sir u have delta flows if they sound that quiet. If there not on the same sound level as the flowpaths ur friend sold u some quiet delta flows. 2 chamber roar with o/r h and shorties and or LT's
  3. Your most likely right about that, but how can i deffinately find out? Is there a way??

    The classic sound is only noticible if i stick my head out the window and listen around 2800 rpm lol... other then that, its not really noticible

    EDIT: From summit, is this the original 40 series?? FLO-42543
  4. well i have non deltas and one of my friends has deltas on his f-150. when we looked at them mine had a weld pattern like:

    / |
    \ |

    his had this kind on it.

    / |
    / / | |
    \ \ | |
    \ |

    thats the only way i can tell you physically the difference between the 2. this is provided that his were 40 series also, which he sed they were, but i thought they looked a little big.

    *edit* dammit it wont let me make the second one look right. just move the top and bottom over so it makes a big arrow.
  5. Flowmasters have a part number stamped in one end of the casing. I think it is on the outlet side, but I can check mine this evening to make sure. The number is hard to find, so look closely. It is made from very small indentations from a cnc machine. The number is 5 or 6 digits like 45223. With that # you can get the exact part description from any speed shop. let me know if you have trouble sinding the #.
  6. yeah if u cant hear the loudness till u stick your head out teh window...dont bother looking u definitely dont have 2 chambers..they could be 3 chambers or delta flows (most likely deltas)
  7. your right for the most part i think.. my cousin has the same setup except he has 3 chambers.. it STILL has the tone i want.. just quieter.. Mine deffinately have a different tone

    Ill TRY to look for the part number... the mufflers are pretty rusted soo hopefully theyll still show
  8. Delta Flows have the same part numers as the original 40's but with a 9 in front. Like 42543 = original 40, 942543 = Delta Flow 40.
    The original Flowmasters have just one of the "delta" shaped plates inside the muffler, the Delta Flow mufflers have three and are slightly quieter.
    All Flowmaster American Thunder cat-back kits now come with Delta Flow mufflers... they won't tell you that, but they do.
    The only reason Flowmaster came out with the whole "Delta" series is because their patent was running out and they needed to invent something that would have a fresh patent, couldn't be copied, and that they could call "their own". They knew that other companies would start copying thier original mufflers and would probably undercut their prices too. Look in the newest Summit catalog in the front "new products" section. Summit now has thier own "two chamber" mufflers that look exactly like Flowmasters.... for $50 each! Flowmaster original 40's are like what, $69.95? See, undercut.
    Other things can cause quieter exhaust besides mufflers, headers, and the obvious things. Having a system with the same diameter mandrel bent tubing, with no crush bends or mis-matched pipes, is important. I've seen cars (my own even) that got louder simply by removing crush-bent tubing and installing mandrel-bent tubing, with no other changes. If you get center in/out mufflers and get someone to "massacre" some tubing to fit them into those small spaces, that's going to reduce the sound... not to mention flow.
    On the subject of one-chambers... I've posted this SO much, but I think it's important that people know it to save them from wasting time and money. I've had both the original and the "Delta-Force" one-chambers. Both are EXTREMELY loud and are definately alot of fun at first... if you like crazy-loud. But it gets old being THAT loud ALL the time.... and I love loud, don't get me wrong. They are almost as loud as open pipes and you cannot drive quietly, no matter how easy you drive. They drone at ALL RPMs, not one specific RPM like other mufflers. And the most important thing I must mention.... They DO NOT work with tailpipes. When tailpipes are added, they get a nasty, flappy, glasspack, sound that I quarantee nobody would like. I've never seen any other mufflers' sound change so drastically with tailpipes. The only way one-chambers sound any good at all is with dumps.
    Magna flow I know nothing about, so I really can't comment. I think they are just straight-through style fiberglass-packed mufflers aren't they? Or are they like a turbo muffler? Either way, they're going to be quieter than a Flowmaster. The reason mufflers like Flowmasters and MAC's are so loud is because they have no muffling material inside them, like fiberglass, steel mesh, etc. They are hollow inside with plates that deflect the sound and change the sound by bumping it around. Mufflers packed with stuff absorb sound, removing it altogether.
    So, if you like the sound of your friend's car, check the numbers on your mufflers, check all your exhaust tubing, then check his numbers and tubing. There's bound to be some kind of difference, like maybe you mufflers are delta flow, or maybe there's some tubing that isn't mandrel bent.
    I've experimented with exhaust more than I like to admit. I have good friends who own a Meineke shop, so switching this and that wasn't a big deal, but I have wasted some money.
    Sorry this went on so long, but I just want to try and help with my useless knowledge when I can.
    Hope it helps and good luck with whatever you try.
    Have fun with it! :nice:
  9. JIoIE, I have 1-chamber flows w/ tailpipes and an offroad h-pipe and I think they sound awesome. My dad has 2-chambers on his 90 GT and mine sounds a lot louder and deeper. They still sound very similar to 2-chambers, especially around 1800-2200 RPMs, just louder and deeper. Pretty much all of the people I've talked to that have stangs said I have the loudest/best sounding mustang they've ever heard. When you first start moving when driving, they definately "gurgle" a little more, but in my opinion it sounds more like an old school muscle car. Everytime I rev it, it brings a smile to my face. Also, they aren't too loud for daily driving (with tails) like most people say. I think they are perfect, louder than 2-chambers, but definately not too loud
  10. These are the Magnapacks.


    Magnapack features a high polished stainless steel case with sized necks, a perforated core wrapped with stainless steel mesh and a packing of acoustical absorbing fiber. Magnapack gives you that 50's performance sound.

    supposabally people say that they sound Similar to the SLP Loudmouth.. if thats the case, then they must sound DAMN good

    I might have to take you up on that
  11. neighbors must love you jade!!! nice video.
  12. The neighbors are all geriatrics that are deaf!!! They LOVE me!!! :) :)

    The car has alot of stuff done to it actually. H/C/I w/ 13psi over a built 302 and a compucar 75 wet shot. Full 3" exhaust w/ X-pipe and 1-3/4" LT's.
  13. Hmm, maybe my car has old magnapacks on it, i thought they were cherry bombs, but they don't sound or crackle like cherry bombs.

    I'm going with some single chamber flows with tail pipes when i get some cash!
  14. where can i get single chamber flows???
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  16. Does joe still have his car?