New mufflers.. 1 chamber users COME on in!

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  1. thats how it was......
  2. lol I have his aim name, I didnt even think he was still alive. He still has his car but no s/c anymore I think he told me.

  3. You know if they'd make DMAN302 and I mods none of that would have happened. :nono:

    *hands out bumper stickers*
  4. i remember when i first joined these forums, everybody was on "joes" nuts then like a year later everyone turned on him lol
  5. I love your avatar btw :drool:
  6. you do have to admit, even though it was via "questionable" methods or whatever you said, rich douche's car was fast...I saw it, it could tear sh1t up.

    definitely not one you'd want to mess with on the road & it ran reasonably well. I think the major problem was the rest of the car...the motor itself ran well & was strong as hell.
  7. yea jstang, that's a bad ass avatar and sig.

    This kid was the ultimate tool. His wheel fell off. Who has a wheel fall off!

    He called out everyone, calling names when people gave him good advice. After his "banning," stangnet had the weird "calm after the storm" effect.
  8. Yeah motor strong or not. He would try to cheap out three tmes before he did it right.

  9. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. the worst thing about him was he would come on here and **** about blowing head gaskets, so people would tell him not to beat on the car until he got a tune.

    2 hrs later he comes back on and starts a new thread omfgttttttttttbbq this cars screams.

    1 day later:" i hate my car i wanna buy a lexus and pimp it out cuz my mustang keeps blowing head gaskets cuz it sucks and its not baller enough"

    i mean how are you gonna cry about breaking a car if its your fault and then say that its not, no to mention he was supposed to sell it to some one on here and backed out last minute after his dad said he could keep it and drive his truck for a dd. kid was a jerk off and stang net i way better with out a **** puller like him around.
  11. just woke up from my nap... thanks for the story!
  12. sorry dude its not your fault you just resurrected the WRONG thread . stangnet will be traumatized by that gaylord forever
  13. Are you going from stock mufflers or flowmasters or what? Are your current mufflers 18" long :shrug:
  14. yeah...all stock replacement muffler r 18 inches long ofset/ofset..i bout sum mufflers for 20$ a brand..they sounded ok..but i want one chamber u know whwere i can order them???
  15. There's a link to Summit right up the page (or a couple pages back). I'm 99% sure they won't be a direct swap because they're center inlet front and back so your tail pipes aren't going to line up right, and they're shorter than a full length muffler (click the link and you'll see what i mean) so they won't reach the tail pipes either. You'll have to have some S pipes bent and fitted by a muffler shop to make it work.
  16. just answer the ****ing question
  17. Maybe if you asked nicely you would get the info you're looking for. Go somewhere else and ask for it now.

    :lol: :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: I don't know why, but that line was hillarious.

  18. Hey man why are you acting like that? Stop e-thuging and read my post about the Summit link. You won't get much help acting like a punk. Things did go a little off track and i apologize since i was part of that but there's no need for the attitude.

    Here, since you seem so uptight about this, i'll even save you the effort and post the link, i've answered your "****ing question" so chill out.