New mufflers.. 1 chamber users COME on in!

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  1. These here words in print are the truth...people we can keep you and your families safe from E-thugingness and all other things you fear (except snakes cause I'ma scared of snakes) if we were mods.
  2. Wow looks like we have another joe on our hands..
  3. well if u read the post be4 mine u can see what triggerd my wiggerness for sec
  4. and ive asked the same question over and over..and yall keep showing me the same muffler over and over....first of all it will never fit...second why do ppl keep saying they have one chambers...their r presently no one chambers on the m,arket that will bolt right up to a fox

  5. hmmmmmmmmmm....................................................well , guess your ****ed!:nice:
  6. Take it to a shop and they can make anything fit. They made my bullets fit. He welded them in at an angle so if I wanted tailpipes i could just weld them on. You need to calm down, I dont even know what your question was but you should leave.


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  7. The thing that made it even better was he had a date in the car lol, he has a new s/n on here I forget what it is though.

    Btw boy george mustang world is your friend, I am sure they can help you out.

  8. Dude what exactly do you want? You asked where you could find them, i showed you. You asked if they were direct bolt in and i said no they're back a few pages and read man i think you're skimming through posts and not seeing that at least i am replying to your questions. You can't have your cake and eat it too, if you want 1 chambers you're gonna have to take them to a muffler shop to have them installed.
  9. Either take the effort to make them work, or stop whining and accept the fact your not going to have 1 chambers!
  10. Hey Mob how do you like those bullets? Are they rediculously loud? I know you have an H pipe but have you ever heard them on an X? I was considering them but I just dont want them to end up being way too raspy. My exhaust is BBK shorties, UPR offroad X...and I have a TFS stage 1 cam.

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  11. Man, you can probably have 1 chambers put on by a muffler shop for 50 bucks or less. All they'll do is add some pipe to them to make them fit...big deal. Hell even if it's 100 bucks, do you want those mufflers or not? Those pipe things don't look like something that's going to sound good....looks like glasspacks to me and that spells C A M A R O. :rlaugh:
  12. All they have to do is make longer flow tubes to make the 1 chambers work.
  13. yeah well up hear in montreal muffler shops suck ass... plus the one flows r way too wide..they will probably get in the way of the drive shaft and if moved will probably get in the way of the sub frame...if i were to do it myself i would go threw way to much trouble...

    here are some sound clips from their web site...

    tell me all what u think
  14. souinds nice no??? plus i save about 8 pounds in total from both mufflers and a bunch of space if i decide to lowr my car a bit.... u know in Quebec, montreal the roads r ****ing horrible..bumps everywhere pot hols..pooe lighting at night..what a joke these french ppl are....
  15. They are just as wide as regular flows..
  16. yeAH ur right dude... maybe ill reconsider..did u hear those sound clips tho?
  17. The 1 chambers just look wide because they're shortened....they're half of a 2 chamber.

    As for the Car Chemestry things, they sound super quiet to me....if you think those are going to sound anything like 1 chambers then you're way on one of the links in my sig and listen to the difference. Also i'd like to smack the guy in those clips "this is directly behind the bumper, i'm a huge dork"
  18. I love them. I would personally love to try out an xpipe on it, if I had the extra cash.

    Its pretty raspy and yes it is VERY loud, but I love it. I had 2 chamber flowmasters and they were way too queit the idle was alittle to quiet and once you got up top it sounded like crap and just cruising you couldnt hear the car. Bullets idle isnt alot louder then the flowmasters, but it screams alot more up top, and they sound amazing. Their really not THAT loud, I honestly wish I could have it louder, but the only thing louder then these is open pipes and that sounds like crap, these have an amazing tone.
  19. does it make the car sound like a john deere tractor (kinda like how it sounds with no mufflers at all).