New mufflers.. 1 chamber users COME on in!

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  1. In the lower rpms yea it does kinda sound like a truck, thats like when you accelerate from like 1500rpm and its kinda slow going up, it kinda chugs along, but other then that its not bad. Ive driven straight pipes before and it was horrible! I wanted to get home so quick because I was embarrased by how bad it sounded, these are nothing like that.
  2. Man, you need to chill out.

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  3. yeah, i know, my buddies 87gt's been running straight pipes for months now. the car runs 12's on spray, but jeez, it sounds like a garbage can

  4. wonder how they going to sound with out a cross over. im picking up two for my dad this weekend. then if he dont like the way the sound without a cross over we will put one in. it his x-mas present from me.

  5. your one lazy mustanger :notnice: