New Mustang and FORD shirts available from Kocky Products!

Discussion in 'Vendor Sponsor Forums' started by Bishop, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Just put these new ones up on the site today:





    (Not new)[​IMG]

    (Not Ford, but this is brand new, too.)[​IMG]

    We have over 40 shirts now, so if you haven;t checked us out lately, do it NOW! :D

    Also, we have 2 good sales going on. We still have running our "multi shirt" discount (this was supposed to be over some time ago, but we have had a TON of requests to keep it going) where your first shirt is regular price, but your second is $15.99 and your 3rd and everyone after that is only $10.99.

    The other sale we have going on is one where we have some select shirts up for only $7.99 each. (click on KockySale to check them out.)

    Thanks Stangnet!