New mustang in car and driver.

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  1. To me this just keeps getting better. The 05 is in C&D and if you look at the detail in the headlight area. They brought back the distinctive ridges just like the 64-66 headlight area had.
  2. What color? And I can't wait to see a production vert.
  3. They have the red one featured with a small photo of the blue V6. It looks like the headlights have clear lenses over them. No verts though sorry. They state the gt coupe should be around $25k. So it seems there are some differences between magazines.
  4. Pics, Post up:D.
  5. I wish I could. But my scanner is having issues. Must be female.
  6. Just give it some space.
  7. I thinking we are going to have to break up.
  8. While I really like the new styling of the 2005, aerodynamic it must not be.

    God I can hear the damn F-body guys now pissing and moaning about how there 3 year old car is so much more aerodynamic and has such a better cd. :nonono:
  9. Yeah it might not be the most aerodynamic design. At leadt as far as looks. Though I'll wait for real tests to find out for sure. F-body guys are always complaining.
  10. 2005 GT Coupe $25K - COOL!
  11. That magazine says 3.31 Gears

    I'm down :)
  12. I got my C&D today too, and noted a few other things:

    1. It says "..the standard-across-the-board 8.8" rear end"

    2. As ZStanger noted it says 3.31 rear end. BUT, 3.31 is not an existing ratio for the 8.8" Ford rear end! 3.27 is the existing 8.8" gears, 3.31 is the ratio in the 8" rear end used in the Lincoln LS, Jag S-type & T-bird. So one (8.8") the other (3.31) or both have to be incorrect.

    3. Although it says the 17" tires are Pirelli, if you look closely at the GT with 17" tires on it in the photo, it has GoodYear Eagle tires on it.

    4. Gas tank is listed @ only 16 gal. :notnice:

    5. They list the 4.6L redline @ 6,000 RPM, IIRC I saw it as 6,250 somewhere else.

    6. They say teh V6 will still start @ $18K, GT Coupe starts @ $25K and a GT Convertible @ $28K.

    7. They say the driving position is improved "better relation among the steering wheel, pedals & shifter..."

    8. Curb weights should be within 1% of the present Mustang.

    9. The next SVT Cobra will likely have supercharging and substantially more than 390 HP.

    10. Flatrock AAI assembly plant was picked by Phil Martens VP of product creation " to take advantage of Mazda techonlogy for better body assembly and quality control."

    11. On the engine photo (engine out of the car) note the new position of the oil filter. It just may be possible on the 2005 to take the filter off without spilling oil all over the steering rack and cross member! :nice:

    12. "Ford also upsized the axle shafts for better camber stiffness. Sharpwer steering response and conering control should result."

    13. "The front coils that rode directly on the control arms if the Fox Mustang have now moved to their more apprpropriate position on teh strut itself. Drivers should feel a tighter, more-tied-down feel to the front end ........along with less noise & impact harshness."