New Mustang Leaked Early?

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  1. There's only so many ways you can design a 2 door car, guys. They are all going to look similar to a certain degree. 2 doors, 4 tires, aerodynamic, sporty, muscular and still retain the essence of a mustang. People are hating but what do you expect Ford to do? Just start rolling '65s off the assembly line again? Take close looks at all those pics you guys have posted. Yeah, the general shapes of the cars are not going to be different. The 370Z looks similar to the Porsche, too, in terms of overall shape. It's in the detail where there are differences. Ford has walked the best line it can in a VERY crowded field to make the new Mustang look as good as possible, while standing apart from the competition and maintaining its "One Ford" look, which by the way, is selling very well. At the end of the day, that's what Ford cares about.
  2. well, in that case...


  3. They could've done so much but scrrwed it uo. Not worth driving that turd.