new mustang lots of question

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  1. ok got my 2nd car 88 mustang (know next to nothing about cars but im good with my hands :/ ) first question is the guy who sold it to me
    said it was lx , says mustang gt on the bumper engine is 2.3 found
    a turbo v8 plastic peice in the car i think he was gonna try and play it off?
    anyway the brakes needed to be bleeded when i was doing the first one
    the bleeder screw broke of inside so i got a new cylinder and changed it only to find out the other back one was leaking so i changed both but it still stops real slow i couldnt open the front tires cuz the screw was rounding off so any idea's on how to get it open or should i just take it to a machanic and put in new screws when hes done?? (any idea on price?)
    my gas gauge stays on empty the speed gauge jumpes up and down at low speeds my heat and oil pressure gauges also dont work : / my seat worked when i got it but was i was moving it back it made a popping noise and stopped working, ac doesnt work i went to the fuse box and that fuse was melted (always a good sign) i can change it no prob but id imagine it prob got a deeper problem.
    but besides all those million problems i took it running and the engine runs great it supposed to be a new engine (dont know if i trust that) according to the guy and the car has 300,000 miles on it(fun)
    its gonna be a peice of work but i dont mind just need some tips on how to get some of the broken things working again

    thanks in advance :D
  2. Going to help you as much as I can. Sounds like a lot of work, but here we go... (my answer in bold)

    Good luck, post up if you have any questions. Pics are nice too :)
  3. this guy pretty much got it^^^^:stupid:
  4. Thanks alot man that answerd all my questions