New Mustang Owner... Questions

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  1. So about a week ago I bought a 98 GT / 4.6 / 5spd with 105,090 miles...


    ALMOST everything is peachy. I have put right at 1,000 miles on her in the last week, and averaged 23.2 mpg...

    I replaced the fuel tank filler grommet, cleaned the MAF, pulled the EGR to clean it, but it was VERY clean.

    I have this weird intermittent "miss" at a low RPM under a load?? I notice it most in town in 2nd gear?? Any ideas? Fuel filter? Bad plug? It never does it at a higher RPM??

    Also, my passenger window doesn't roll down. The guy I bought it from said that it quit working from the passenger door, and still worked from the drivers door for months, and then quit working from either switch?? How do I trouble shoot how to fix the window??

    Thanks in advance, look forward to being part of the forum!

    FYI... not a total nerd... but I have been in the 4x4 scene for a while and am done with that for now. Here was the last 4x4 rig I built... pics were taken the same day. First time I spent the night in the hills by myself :)


  2. The window issue kind of sounds like maybe there is a relay gone bad. I can't tell you why, but that sounds like it may be the problem. Check out your spark plugs for the miss issue. At that mileage, it wouldn't be a bad idea to replace them anyway plus they're a cheap but necessary maintenance part.
  3. Beautiful car.
  4. Plugs and plug wires 1st.