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  1. Hello, new to this forum, not new to forums in general.

    I recently had the pleasure of replacing the engine in my 2010 LT RS Camaro.. of coarse all $8000 out of pocket because of mods, but am very skeptical because the damn thing drank oil, like I drink Rum. I had a plethera of bolt ons.. all the usual suspects... Plus a very healthy nitrous system installed. Guess what the dealer blamed. Anyways, lesson learned. Replaced engine, last my shorts on the trade in, and got into the car I really wanted all along. 2013 premium package GT. I installed an Airaid CAI first week (this is my second week of ownership) and have a 3" h pipe exhaust kit on the way. I'm looking for a good tune if anyone has any advice. I'm Leary of the Bama because I've read a couple of things about an "8th cylinder" issue they had. Anyways, any advice is welcome. Glad to be here!
  2. Hello from Kansas.
  3. welcome aoard!
  4. Welcome to the site from NC.