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  1. Borgeson Universal has now developed and is producing an integral power steering conversion box for the 1965-1970 Ford Mustangs. This is a remanufactured modern power steering gearbox that has undergone extensive modifications to be a direct bolt in for 1965-1970 Mustangs.

    The Borgeson conversion box will fit with NO modifications to the shock tower and is a direct bolt in to the factory mounting location. Conversion box is being offered with either a 1" or 1-1/8" sector shaft to fit the original pitman arm.

    Column modifications are required as follows. 1965-1967(Early) Mustangs with non-collapsible column will require a replacement column shaft, new column floor mount and complete rag joint. 1967(Late)-1970 Mustangs with factory collapsible column will require factory column to be collapsed about 2" for clearance and a 1/2 rag joint.

    IMPORTANT NOTE #1: Borgeson conversion box will NOT fit with factory Z-Bar style clutch linkage.

    IMPORTANT NOTE #2: Borgeson power conversion box will operate with stock Ford pump however the power assist will be minimal below 800 RPM. For enhanced response and drivability we offer a Saginaw P/S pump upgrade.

    Please add any questions you may have to this thread. These boxes are ready to ship however may not be readily available in distribution for a bit. All components needed for complete conversions are being produced and offered in to distribution by Borgeson.

    Thanks, Jeff
    Borgeson Universal Company

  2. About time!
  3. What if we have power steering now with the infamous 'assist cylinder' Does all that come out, if so, what center link do we use, etc?
  4. What's the pricing on these units?
  5. The existing control valve and slave cylinder are removed. We have available a drag link adapter to replace the control valve on the 67-70 cars, 65-66 cars will require a 65-66 V8 M/S centerlink.
  6. Suggested retail pricing has been set at $549.00 our delaers however are able to sell it for whatever they like.
  7. if the cost is low enough you will sell way more of these units!
  8. my headers are about 1/4 away from my steering box, is it dimensionally the same?
  9. In that location (distance from box to headers) the boxes are dimensionally the same.
  10. cool, I will be in touch, what is the steering ratio of your box? is it designed around the old corrola/cressida boxes?
  11. Another question... how will it 'feel' vs the rack steering? I dont mind my original 67 power steering, but the rack's are much more tight feeling, etc. I hope I have explained my question well... Thanks.
  12. No, the core we are using is coming from 1995 and newer production vehicles. The older technology in the 70's - 80's Toyota Corrola steering boxes does not provide a significant improvment over a properly serviced and adjusted stock set-up. We use a more modern box for all of our conversions to provide true modern power steering feel and feedback.
  13. Why not? The height of the top appears identical, and of course the steering shaft shaft lines up with the existing steering column, which the equalizer clears.
  14. Our box will provide a great feel, comparing it to a rack is a little difficult as a rack and pinion eliminates pivot points from the steering system. However most rack and pinion conversions will reduce your turning radius and the rack ends up being mounted very low on the vehicle. If you were to replace all front end wear items such as rod ends and idler arms while installing our conversion box you will be quite please with the feel of the steering and maintain your full turning radius.
  15. It has a nasty habit of removing the P/S hoses from the top of the box. The box itself clears but we cannot source any P/S fittings with a low enough profile to clear the hoses.
  16. Pump upgrade question

    You mention that pump assist will be minimal below 800 rpm with the stock pump. Are there high rpm effects as well?

    One of my biggest problems with the stock system is that the steering feels too easy at highway speed, which I have read is a function of the proportional flow rate. If this effect will remain with the new box, does the Saginaw replacement pump have a more consistent rate of flow?

    Also, is the box know to be compatible with any aftermarket columns?

  17. No adverse effects at highway speed. The Ford pump does not generate sufficient pressure / flow at low RPM's to properly operate the box. Stock slave cylinder set-ups are very vague with no feedback, our box will have a good effort required at highway speed because of the modern variable assist valve.

    We are working with IDIDIT to ensure that our box can be compatible with their replacement column.

  18. Thanks for keeping us updated. Is there any more info/pics/specs? Checked your website but didn't see anything.

    Looks like a lot of us are concerned about the same things: Price, Steering Feel and Fit. Is the price for a 65-66 $549 with everything you would need to install it? Also, just to confirm, this is actually a power box, correct? No hydraulic arm, etc? I think the arm is what kills the steering feel, so this one should feel pretty decent.

    Also, are there options for ratio? 12:1, 16:1, etc?

    Thanks again
  19. It is indeed an integral power steering box that eliminates the factory style control valve and slave cylinder. Only available in one ratio 16:1 or 4 turns lock-to-lock. The suggested retail of $549 is for the box only; total cost will depend on items required for individual conversion. I do have some more pictures of fit / clearance on a 1968 Small block with Tri-Y headers. For photo's and other details that I have in a word doc. send me a request via e-mail to: jeff @ borgeson . com (remove spaces) and I will respond as soon as practical.

    Thanks, Jeff
  20. do you have pics of this actual unit fitted in a mustang?