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  1. has anyone tried clearing this box with the later style z-bar? it was the HP replacment piece offered by ford (really the 69 boss 302 unit) and has a larger arc curve. I have one in my 67 and it offers much more rrom than the original?

    what about routing the hoses back towards the firewal and then up?
  2. Has anyone else tried this box?
  3. do we have anyone using this box on the road yet?

    what is the feel like slow and at highway speeds?

    i am looking for feedback on the power box.

  4. Looks like a good system, but what does it feel like on the road? Has anyone finished an install and put some time behind the wheel?
  5. Colapsing Column

    For my 1969, what is involved in colapsing the steering column 2 inches? Are there any irreversable changes that need to be made to the column?

    Will it fit (and the pump)fit a big block as well?
  6. To collapse the column, at the most you will be breaking a small plastic shear pin inside the column. (most of these we are finding have let go already). Our Saginaw pump kit is intended for use in the 65-69 SBF, 70 SBF, and 69-70 351W

  7. You may also need to trim a small portion of the steering tube at the bottom.
  8. Jeff, have you installed this box on a 68 with factory tilt/swingaway steering column? They use a rag joint with a splined end on each side.
    My car has factory p/s, I will be replacing all the steering components as the car is getting a "better than new" rebuild/restomod. Could I use manual steering pieces throughout the linkage system to eliminate the drag link adapter, or would I be better off using new p/s pieces. Thanks.
  9. I can not verify this for you. We do not have access to one to try. I would GUESS that the splined shaft would be 3/4"-36 spline. This is a very common spline for Ford. If that is the case order #052534 rag joint instead of #990016 half rag joint and you will be all set.

    Now available Saginaw P/S pump upgrade for Ford 200/250 inline 6 Cylinder motor. Includes Saginaw pump, bracket and pulley. Part #800334 $295.00
    Pictures when I have it.
  11. Jeff, a quick correction to the above question. The 68 tilt/swingaway does NOT in fact have the splines on each side of the rag joint. The column tube has a smaller D shape section on the bottom to which a 1/2 rag joint is bolted too. With this being the case I should be able to just bolt the two together using my existing rag joint, unless the splines have a different size/count.
    The confusion on my part came from the fact I am also working on my 79 Ford F100 which has splines on the bottom of the steering column tube. To many projects going on at once I guess.
  12. I am very much interested in going with this system after researching racks and discovering the negatives that go along with them.

    I have a 66 with power steering now.

    Since the drag link needs to be replaced with a manual drag link and all 4 of my tie rods are shot, I should be able to purchase and use manual steering tie rods (correct) rather than the more expensive power steering style tie rods?

  13. Does your kit include the drag link, hope not got one already.
  14. Install Article

    Here is a link to the Borgeson Install Article In Mustang Monthly
  15. Few questions if your still around....

    1. Looks like you said you can use any pitman arm? I have a powersteering box now so that pitman will be ok to use? Checking because the article I read said use manual steering pitman and idler arm.

    2. $50 credit... only on manual steeing boxes?

    3. Is there a hose you could supply that fits the 90 mustang power steering pump?

  16. Our box is available in a 1" and 1-1/8" sector shaft size to fit any available Mustang pitman arm.

    The credit is actually $65.00 for 1 original Mustang box.

    We can supply you with 925121 hose adapters that convert the metric flare to a -6an so you can easily have a set of hoses made for any pump application.

    Thanks, Jeff