New! Not technically a mustang...

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  1. Hi Guys name is Eric and I am from Maumee, Ohio (20 mins from toledo).Anyways my 5.0 is in a Chrysler Conquest :D . I am a Die Hard Mopar guy and ended up planning to swap a 340 in my old conquest, but traded to a guy in NJ as this saves me time and mustang parts are a Million times Easier to find/dont hurt the wallet as much as Mopar parts lol. I also do own a Big Turbo SRT 4 >=) .

    Stock (Non Maf)
    Cold Air intake *previous owner has just a ebay tube and filter*
    2.5" Exhaust with custom X Pipe and Dynomax Bullets (installed last week, thing sounds mean!*
    Lowered on Cosmo Coil Overs * About a 3inch Drop*

    So far on my shelf I have waiting to go on:
    GT40 Intake
    GT40P heads.
    Explorer 65mm TB

    Plan on making this a blast of a street car/some track time/daily driver so I am open to suggestions. I will say for one that on3performance kit is looking tempting but clearance on the headers is gonna be an issue :lol:

    To Clarify: Yes I am a die hard mopar guy but am also an all around car guy. I appreciate every car that has time and sweat into it!


  2. looks good to me, any side shots?
  3. Nice. Let's see the engine!
  4. Ill get some tom at work when it stops raining here lol.