New numbers for my Lightning

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by jhonda, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. I have'nt posted here in a while but still like to check up on the stangs...I sold my 91 lx for my 2000 lightnig.
    Mods are 90mm maf (stock was 80mm) 2lb upper pulley 3lb lower and rotten magnaflow muffler, and custom tune.
    I changed to a 3lb pulley and 90mm maf in the above graph.
  2. Wow... nice numbers!
  3. Nice... Dan does some good work, i'll be heading back that way again sometime soon I hope.
  4. Nice numbers. You have a strong truck. My buddy had an 03 with a 6lb lower, no other mods and made around 425RWTQ. I think the HP was 395. I had a 00 Lightning that was stock minus a Flowmaster cat-back and open K&N. I had a strong truck too as a freeway race was VERY close, but prolly cause I had the old 3.55's and his 03 had the 3.73's. I miss that L. Sweetest truck ever built.