new numbers on 03 cobra

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  1. 417 hp and 465 tq sae on dynojet with following mods; mac straight shot intake, bassani x-pipe with cats installed, 3" mac catback, 2.8pulley w/ idlers, predator "pulley tune".... in about a month the shop - GTR - will have the proper software to dyno tune and manipulate fuel and timing using the diablosport hopefully i'll be closer to 450 hp with a good tune...but it sure is a beast on the street as of right now..also installed steeda sport springs, nitto 315/35/17 dr's, autometer boost and fuel press gauges and got a steeda shifter that will be going on tomarow...what do yall think about my numbers so far?
  2. Yeah that HP is a little low for those mods and I'm sure some of it is due to the parameters in the "canned" Predator performance tune. Be careful getting on it using that tune because it wasn't designed for a pulley that small. Did your dyno run also measure the A/F ratio? I'd be interested in seeing whether you are safe.

    You might want to think about getting a custom tune for your Predator from someone who knows about these specific cars. I'm not knocking GTR but why be the guinea pig for their new software testing? For a little over $100 you could get a custom tune for your Predator emailed to you from someone who has experience with these cars and knows first hand what works and what doesn't.

    Just my two cents man.

  3. Bro,
    STAY AWAY from the predator canned tune. they are garbage and strait DANGEROUS!! Everyone I have seen has been fat down low and goes lean up top. Give James or Ed @ Runnin with the Devil a call or PM on their site: and they will email you a tune that will be close to nutz on for a fair price.
  4. thanks for the input...but i carefully watched my a/f on the dyno as it was being run and to be was super rich all the way up...lean at first - at low rpm's, but during wot under load it was very rich with an average a/f of 11.5-11.9, i do realize that this tune is not the best being a "canned out of box tune" and there is more potential there....i feel confident with the tune right now as far reliability...but within the next few weeks...i will be getting a more aggressive custom tune that should put me closer to 440 rwhp...hopefully
  5. Canned tunes are garbage...get that custom tune should be close to 460+hp with those mods and a good tune.:D
  6. Those are pretty ****ty numbers. Get that car a custom tune ASAP.
  7. Your #'s seem a bit high for your boost level.......I'd probably say that those are by far the highest I have ever seen for a 2.2 KB car pushing only 18# of boost with timing @ only 18*.......
  8. Thats the beauty of doing everything right and having a great tuner.
  9. what other supporting mods are you running besides the KB??
  10. KB 2.2L
    60lb Injectors
    Ford GT Pumps
    Twin Modified FPDM's
    KB BAP
    Diablosport MAFia
    K&N FIPK
    Accufab TB
    Mac Long Tubes
    Off Road H
    Mac 2.5" Catback
    LFP HeatExhcanger
    LFP Intercooler Resevoir
    LFP Race Radiator
    Evans Waterpump
    Head Cooling Mod
    Steeda Tri-Ax
    Oil Seperator
    Ram900HD Clutch
    26spline Input Shaft
    BilletFlow IRS Brace
    PA 170amp Alternator

    Thats all I can think on top of my head. HPP is building me a new shortblock as we speak as I am at the limit of the stock one, IMO.

    It is a Teksid block .020", Stroker crank, Oliver Billet Rods, CP pistons. Also having a 5angle valve job done with some custom grind comp cams.
  11. Oh...also forgot I have MM Caster Camber plates, MM Full Length Subframe connectors, MM Adjustable TieRod Ends, and a set of H&R Race Springs.
  12. so are you #'s STD or SAE?? I have a hard time believing that they are offense meant. I really can't believe that you are making 644rwhp corrected. Like I said, I am not trying to flame you, but I have been around these cars for a LOOOONG time now, and have never seen one make those #'s on only 18# of boost with 18* of timing with an 11.0 A/F. Hell, I show about 17.5# of boost at the top of my pulls with 20# of timing, and an 11.8 A/F, and am only making 587rwhp SAE. Uncorrected the same pull it was 604rwhp, but 644 seems a bit much in my experiance. I have seen guys on run 21# of boost and still not come close to 644. Again, not saying it is impossible, but I have never seen that much power off so little boost and timing.
  13. I too have been around these cars since before they released them. You are not talking to a noob here. The numbers are STD. We didn't look @ the SAE #'s b/c we didn't really care. We use the dyno as a tuning instrument, not something to go bench racing off of. That is what it read that day(mind you it was in 101* Texas heat after 5 hours of dyno tuning) and that is just what I go by b/c it is what we looked at. SAE would have been like 632. I do not understand why some people get thier panties in a wad over someone not posting SAE vs STD or vice versa. Honestly, who cares? Not I. It's a matter of like 10-15hp.

    And I could care less if you have a hard time believing what the car did on the dyno. It did what it did and that is all there is to it. I'm not here to prove anything. My car has always made some good power and some good times. If you do not believe me and really want to know, call Manny @ HPP Racing and ask him if you feel the need. They know me quite well. And I have been posting over @ SVTP for a couple years and just started over @ Modularfords a few months ago.I take great care of this car and do all the work myself. This car has always been on the higher end. It made 472rwhp with a 2.90 unported eaton. I've seen a couple people make almost 540-550rwhp on a Ported Eaton w/ no N2O. Happen very often? Hell no. But it does happen.
  14. Like I said before, I am not calling you out at all. Congrats on the power, that thing must be sick on the street! I know I have my hands full with mine!
  15. You response to Dan's legitimate questions seems very defensive in nature. I'm going to guess people have raised the BS flag on you before huh? You need to just relax... this ain't SVTPerf. He asked a legitamte question and even stated from the start his questions were not meant to offend. Almost seems like you're trying to hide something the way you flew off the handle there...

  16. Not to step in on anyones disagrements...but considering I started this post...I realize my numbers are a bit low...was 362hp stock. - 417hp after mods...but are these at least typical numbers considering I am only tuned with the "canner" predater diablosport tuner? and how much more should expect to pick up with a more precise dyno tune?? thanks
  17. Trust me, I'm relaxed man. If you think that was a real defensive comment on my part, then thats cool. The point was I did not really care that he had some doubt in my numbers but it was the fact that he came off(in my opinion) in a sense he was saying I was lying. Even though he said he was not trying to offend me, he came across that way from how I see it. That is what I did not appreciate and why I replied the way I did. I am about the most drama free person and do not start internet wars so quit worrying. That was not a harsh comment in no way. And actually, no one has ever questioned what the car made. So nothing is being hidden here buddy.

    And sorry for hijacking your thread ImportSmoker. Dont know why it even got started but whatever. You will probably see about a 50rwhp and 10-20rwtq gain from new custom tune.

  18. There's more to it. First, you can get a wideband and do some minor tweaking with the can find a couple of ponies there. Next, I noticed that you were in Riverside which means you don't have the greatest air. Most people out of state don't realize how poor the air density is in southern California. Climate is something people always forget. My friend made 30 less hp in San Bernardino then he did in Downey because of heat, humidity, and barometric pressure. That 417 sounds reasonable [not perfect] to me unless it was a perfect 60 degree spring day.