new numbers on 03 cobra

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  1. your tq is where it should be, but the HP seems what RPM did the dyno operator lift?? that seems like it could be it, along with possible belt slip or spark blow out in the upper RPM's if you are still running the stock gap on the plugs.

    **EDIT** also, post up a dyno sheet if you can.
  2. let off at 6200 rpm....running stock spark plugs...what should i get and what gap?
  3. I gotta see this A/F spread. Your car seems like it is wheezing with the modifications you have done.
  4. I just got my 03 cobra and the previous owner owns a mustang performance shop where i live. He basically has a pulley, midpipe, and catback with a custom tune and was putting down about 492 to the wheels, not sure about torque. I would seriously consider doing a tune. It makes that much of a difference.
  5. he should not have let off it about 6500-6700, unless it was going lean. Try gapping the plugs down to .035. Actually, if you are running stock plugs, you should really be stepping down to the NGK TR-6's with your setup, also gapped @ .035. I am running the NGK TR-7IX's gapped @ .032 now that I am @ 17#. Seems to be working well. I was running the TR-6's when I was only @ 13# with no probs.
  6. Sorry to chime in.... but in defense of a friend and a great site...

    Graycen(RAZRS EDGE) isn't me. Very cool guy. I have never known him to get that way....the only time I have seen him lose his cool was when these choads on another site kept provoking him time and time again....we all know we all have breaking points...

    I know him personally and know the car as well. I have personally seen the car put around 620 SAE and STD just rolling off the street onto a dyno, FOLLOWED up by another KB car with a stroker and HPP stage 2+ cams....both cars put down nearly identical numbers... U.M. said....this isn's OKDHM or SVT....these guys on here are extremely cool and mature. Great site to be on Graycen.
  7. thanks for all the input....but I was wondering if my low numbers may be do to a slipping clutch? if its slipping 10% that would be about 40hp less than what i actually make, therefore a lower output do to the 10% slippage could be a possability...but what about the torque? its not low for my mods is it? and would a slipping clutch influence torque numbers as well?
  8. It could be a slipping clutch, but you would feel & smell something like that if it were the case.

    Do you still have the pulley guard installed? If so, have you checked the inside of it for belt dust or residue? I'm still not convinced you're not experiencing a little belt slip.

  9. no belt guard, and i have steeda idler...also, reason i suspect the clutch is...i tried to do a little 4th of july smoke fest for the nighbors and all i got was a slipping clutch.....i dropped the clutch and held the brakes slightly...i kept creeping forward, thinking i was burnin the tires but really....there was no burn out...only a burned clutch! so now im thinking that perhaps it was slipping from the beggining - during the dyno session...but hey... i still have yet to dyno tune the thing....
  10. Get the tune, mine is at 452 RWHP and 479 RWTQ with a 2.9, but a good tune. I would have to guess that the 2.8 will get you to over 460 RWHP.
  11. no mailorder tunes

    I would never go with a mail order tune no matter how good the company is.

    Every car is different and every car should be tuned on a dyno if you want to be sure it is running safe and at its best.

    I would think is something is wrong with your car you would be much more likely to realize it by a before and after dyno too. I always get a before and after if I haven't been to the shop in a while just to make sure the car is running the same or at least close before trying to add more power.

    DYno Tune it.

  12. What upper/lower pulley combo are you running on your setup?
  13. Not sure about the clutch, but one would assume that both HP and TQ. would be affected by a slipping clutch. Regaurdless, take everyone's advice and get a dynotune ASAP!