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  1. Hi, im new to the forum. Ive been looking for weeks to buy a car. Im posting here becuase the car that it seems i can afford is a mustang. I like mustangs and they seem to be great cars, but im wondering are they reliable? MY story is that ill be needing a car to drive roughly 100 miles A DAY (to and from college, along with the stuff around town). My budget is 2000 down or 2000 for the car, i was thinking about getting a Honda or Acura, but the fact is that with $2000 i can only get a honda that is early to mid 90's and an Acura is basically out of the question, when it comes to buying the car straight (off another person), but if Financing id be able to get a car that has a total price up to 8000 with 24 month term. Considering my low budget and high amount of miles ill be driving is it SAFE to get a 00-07 mustang, or would i see better results just getting something else completely. I know this is a mustang forum so im not here asking directly for people to tell me a competitors car, but IF the mustang would be too much of a gas guzzler or would have too many repair issues does anyone have a recommendation on what i should get, i really like the 00-14 mustangs. I dont like hatchbacks or cars that are shaped like the 00 honda accord or camry. Or if the mustang is a good choice, is the 05 and up worth the extra $3-4k?

    Budget: $2000 (down or straight)
    Looking at: 2000-2010
    Use: Daily Driver (upto 120m a day but closer to 90m)
    Concerns: Reliability and Costs to fix anything thats broken
    Question: Should i buy a mustang 00-09 or just get something else (if so what do u recommend)

    Thank You if you are able to help or if not
  2. I drive 2001 gt everyday to work and back its approx. 65 miles/day. Doesnt include 'round town kinda stuff. I spend roughly $600 in gas per month (I use premium) So I would pick something else.. unless you have money for that.
  3. My daily driver is a 98 with 230k on the clock. Im an outside sales rep and drive quite a bit. I'll keep it as long as i can. 300 hp, runs14's at 98 mph, looks nice and averages 26 mpg, and reliable as i've ever had.

    Volvo, ftw!

  4. Yep. I drive my 2000 every day to work, 60 miles round trip in Jacksonville floria traffic. Spend about 75 bucks a week or so on gas and do a little extra driving here and there. I drove my 96' gt the same way for 4 years and before that my old 87 fox. As far as gas goes the recent spike in gas prices inspired me to go back down to a 87 tune although gas prices have started to come down.
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  5. Mustangs are reliable, and get pretty decent mileage for what they are. I DD an 04 Cobra, and play with an 89 Mustang (which was my DD for many years). Still, if I drove a 100 plus miles a day, gas mileage and a great stereo would be at the top of my list for a car.
  6. They are reliable and easy/cheap to maintain.

    However, hoe much reliability can you expect from any car purchased for $2K?
  7. Didnt see the 2k park. Might as well use that for a down payment on something on the S197 platform. Not gonna find any worth dd for that cash unless you want to spend more money in the long run and love to turn wrenches. Took me two months and 7k to find a 100% stock GT still in good shape and miles.
  8. It sounds like the better decision now is to buy a well used economy car. Sounds like funds are tight, and you are in school, so you should be able to afford something much more fun when you are done. You are talking about north of 26k miles a year... If you buy something that gets 35mpg instead of a 25mpg of a mustang, you'll save 1,000$ a year just on gas, not counting insurance, repairs, ect.

    Having said that, if you still insist on a mustang, you should be able to get a base V6 of sorts easily within your price range. It would do better on gas, and you can find them with a stick for even better gas mileage.