New/old Recaro Seats Are In


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Aug 8, 2003
Here is one more link I used to figure out what I had.

Recaro Resource Guide

I did source foam for mine, but when I suggested to Dave at aadvark I buy it and send it in, that's when he told me that there really was no upcharges, so me providing the foam for one seat for $135 (one would have done it for me, splitting the pieces between the two seats where they needed it), really wouldn't change anything.
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SF Lex

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Mar 8, 2016
CoCo County, California
Haven't been around much, we had a baby a few months back, so you know how that goes.

So I saw some 80's recaro edition trans am seats on craigs, beat to hell. Recaro lx's were used in a lot of cars, including 79 pace cars. So I went and bought them.
I'm picky about seats in a fox, only certain ones fit the look, nothing with round shoulder areas work right, just too modern.
I'm a huge fan of netted head rests.

Sent them out and had them redone. Wasn't my cheapest project, but I did only go 30-40% over budget, so that's a plus. German vinyl which is used in many bmw's. The price for the real stuff (I can't tell the difference) was astronomical.

Wedge brackets and recaro sliders. I used recaro pace car adapters, but I was too tall and the thigh bolsters are too thick causing my legs to be too close to the steering wheel (i'm 6'1). The recaro sliders let these seats go wayyyyyy back and keep the seats much lower. Nice change. Much more comfortable than my 25 year old stockers and much more supportive.

Going to change the carpet to black (hacked up the beat stock one to fix cracked front seat mount).
I am going to send the rears out over the winter to be done to match the front.
Before and after.


Luv them seats. I have similar ones in my 92 GT. I don't plan on buying new ones because i like my originals. They too have the hole in the head rest, but no net. I really like that net look.