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Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by MR GT, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. I have been getting the itch for another sports car and I am planning on getting a 1994-1995 GT or GTS I would like a cobra but don't want to spend the extra cash on one...(unless you guys think they are really worth it?) my plan for the car would be the 345hp aluminum headed engine assembly from ford,tremec trans,beef up the rear,steeda suspension,and paint and interior restoration if guys think this is a good plan? any other ways to get decent power cheaper? a rebuild? not looking for a monster street machine just an all around performer low 13's high 12's if possible...any complaints on these cars i should know about? advice would be appreciated
  2. since you are going to be getting aluminum heads anyways, i'd say pass up the cobra and buy a gt. Get a Trick Flow or Edelbrock Intank, 3.73's, Trick Flow, AFR, or Edelbrock heads, nice cam, and full exhaust and you'll be in the 12's
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    I have the ford racing 345 hp engine(times in sig), but it has a stock bottom end. If your going to be paying full price.. i would look into dss, and go with a 331 or 347 long block.. Go with the tremec, and beef up the rear end like u said.

    I would get a GT, and put the extra cash towards the engine build up..

    About the suspension, you need to decide whether the car is gonna be a corner carver or a street/drag car. If your into drag racing, i would look into some good drag struts/shocks and control arms. I have lakewood struts/shocks and im very pleased with them. I dont know much about the good suspension goodies for corner carving so i will leave that for someone else.

    With some sticky tires, a decent head/cam/intake package, gears, and practice 12's will not be a problem.
  4. Sounds like a plan to me. Buy the GT, cheaper and you'll be changing most of the parts that sepparates a cobra from a gt anyway. Get a decent cam, heads and intake and you'll be in the 12s if you get a good tune.