New Owner 1968 Mustang And Having Issues

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  1. Hi all,

    So I've read through the forum trying to nail down a solution and haven't gotten anything definitive. I've got a 1968 Mustang, 302 automatic. Two problems I am currently having are: It starts perfectly fine. Often times I don't even have to pump the gas pedal. Runs/idles just fine also but whenever I put it in gear (either drive or reverse) it dies almost immediately. I can put it in park and it fires right back up. Thinking it may either be a vacuum leak or issue with the coil maybe. It does have the original distributor with a Pertronix Ignitor on it. Second issue is that I cannot start the vehicle in neutral. Just started happening the same time as the other issue and was wondering if they are related?? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  2. if you hold the gas pedal down or feather the pedal slightly when you put it in gear will it keep running ?
  3. No. It doesn't
  4. neutral safety switch only breaks the connection to the key when in gear but not to the dist. so i cant see it being the safety switch unless it is shorting out. try jumping the wires at the fire wall ,unplug the safety switch jump the two black with red stripe wires at the harness plug in and see if it dies when you put it in gear .REMEMBER IT WILL START IN GEAR so be care full. if it keeps running when you put it in gear then it probably is the safety switch.