New Owner: 2007 Shelby Cobra Gt500

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  1. Not me but my dad. He was looking for a 2011-12 GT but we ran across this Wednesday. Took 24 hours to think about it and drove it home Thursday. I actually drove it off the lot. Very nice car with only 25K miles on it.

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  2. That better be the last time he lets you drive it!
  3. Looks nice. I almost pulled the trigger on one of those before I bought my '11. Decided on the '11 based on lower interest rate and keeping my payment down some, but I bet I would have loved that blower motor!
  4. Very nice! Stock everything?

    Is he going to keep the stripes or remove them? Looks awesome either way!

    Nick C.
  5. All stock. The stripes sold him so I think that stays. I doubt he mods it at all. Pretty much more car than he needs.
  6. Beautiful GT500, I want to own one some day. I may seem crazy to say this but I think its nice that he will leave it stock.
  7. Good for your old man, I'ld leave it stock too ..... :nice: