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  1. hey wats up guys just baught a 99 v6 ford mustang i love it.
    my friend owns a 99 Mitsibushi Eclipse RS we raced
    but i cant start good because my tires spin like crazy he takes off and im still almost in same spot spinning tires
    any suggestions by the way its an automatic
  2. when you take off from a stop, do it at less than full throttle for 1 or 2 seconds, then when the car is moving, nail it. I don't know if that will help, but maybe. In the long-term you could look at better tires and suspension.
  3. Where are you racing at? In ohio is the tracks open yet? If I am not mistaken they are still closed. I hope that you are not street racing which is pretty stupid to do considering that you may kill innocent people.

  4. Wider tires, suspension and a limited slip differential, those will increase traction alot. I have a 2000 auto and have the same problem, spin the tires on every take off. Put the throttle about half way and when your moving without tire spin, then floor it. You just really have to learn the car, and learn how far to push before the tires spin and when to gun it.
  5. Welcome to the board. Post some pics.
  6. becarefull of which pics you post zinc may hump the screan;) as for take off what the others have said go at about half throtle once you feel the car grip...about 10 to 15mph nail it and wax his riced ass all over the floor. as for the street racing comment....whats the deal yeah i understand some people have extreamist views but ive seen more sucessfull races on the street that at a sanctioned track. especially sunshine that trak is total crap. (not saying i street race) but i get half way down the 8th then i feel the tires grip, where as by the end of an innersection they've alreaddy hooked. but i will stand by my point that some streets are safer than some tracks ever will be . even if it gets me the BANT!!!!
  7. Engage speaks the troof!
  8. i always do....unless im lying, then i don't ;)

  9. :eek: The world will implode on itself!
  10. i dunno i lie to da wife all the time....."nope honey i havent looked at **** since we got married." < at least twice a day
  11. thanx for reply guys ill have some pics once i fix my camera
    and for the comment about street racing trust me i kno wat u mean
    i been in the accident but iw asnt even racing they totaled my 99 pontiac grand prix GT ad i was in and out of hospital for quite some time so my knees can recover ill post the totaled car sometimes soon but again for the comment i race right by my house is a street on which no one 99% of the time dont even step a foot on but alos for the safety reasons we have guys on the other end wachin if anyones comin so no accident or unwanted tickets would come but yea i do agree realy sometimes street racing is way to dangerous
    now for the tires wat kind of tires should i get like a certain brand
  12. This is being posted by the guy who owns mtisu 99 rs.
    I am a fan of muscle cars and i admire them, and to the dude that called me "riced ass" for ur info my car is completely stock pushing 140hp. I am not showing off, i dont rev to ppl, i just drive it to school daily, racing ppl who wanna race me, without any ****in about it. I am not a ricer. my friend who owns 99 stang which sn im using can prove u that, and the reason he lost is the traction, i dont in any means say that my car is more powerfull, howeever it does 16 stock while stang v6 comes in lil later, as far as i searched, 16.5
    So please, leave the term "rice" for something else, or at least get informed b4 u do call someone that. Good luck with your muscle cars, have nothing against them, i love tourque too. thank u
  13. You are correct friend of 99V6Black i should have gotten more info, but also 90% of people who either own a honda or an eclipse "rice" it out and therefore are ricers :p , i merely jupped to the conclusion this was the same for you as well, I APOLOGIZE if i hurt your feelings i ment nothing personal by it. before the wife dragged me away from my camero dreams i had a 94 SL2...for those in this forum who gots no clue what that is its a saturn, 4 door, but 125 hp DOCH motor built by cadillac :nice: :flag: (american rice baby). i had almost $12,000 into the car and it was pushing upper 270's to the wheels before i put the nawz in it. I was also not rice, but because it was a 4 banger and had it turbo'ed i was put in the group NEWAYZ :rolleyes: . so i am sry for putting a nonricer who happends to own a eclipse into that categorie.

    I have seen stupid accidents on both the street and the track, yes there is "safty personel" at the track, but thats about it. there are walls instead of bushes, if you park your car along the drag rout on the street then "yooouuuuurrrrrr dumb" (dane cook reference thank you) if you run without having spotters behind you and infront both for cops and saftey purposes see above quote/\. other than that i will continue to do both merely because the 1/4 track is open to us only on thrusday nights, and the local1/8th sux!!!!! and its 20 dollars ta spend to get in now. Ox can back me up on those statements as well. where i race, the only place i race on the stret the street is a dead end into a waist plant and is 3 full miles straight without so much as a driveway no bumps or holes either, also has better lighting than local 1/8th does. If anyone has issue with my nocturnal subculture participations, just STFU because we, unlike the iddiots who take off from lights every chance we get, care about ourselves the cars and most important the people, hence why even though you "could" park in the 12' of grass on either side of this road we "the regulars do not" allow it, because yes accidents and mistakes dooo happend and have but ill trust my car to come out ok when i get in the 12' of grass then bushes better than a cement/guardrail wall only 3 feet away. Besides you tell the insurance company to send you the money for a wrecked car that was at a track when you charshed it and tell me how far YOU get. where as for all 3 accidents that caused dammage all the cars got the insurance money and free tows to the shop. I do not go around telling people to street race or boasting how i do it to anybody those statement are just the facts. i just get tired of the people who see it only one way the F&F way. there is no less danger in skydiving than street racing and if you crash you gota ton of mettal/plastic to help protect to
  14. I could run mid-15s with 1 mod done that gave me 2hp, so probably high 15s - low 16s stock if I could get the traction at a track. 16.5 is an estimated, calculated value through a theoretical formula made by averaging many cars at 77 degrees F, an altitude of 900 feet, and 50% humidity with a dew point of 60 degrees, but because every torque curve and gear ratio is different, the formula never works 100%. I have nothing else to do, I really do study this stuff extensively.

    As far as accidents, I had one happen about a car length in front of me on my way to school this morning. Guy came barrelling out of his driveway tires spinning and slammed right into this SUV. Thankfully my little stang could get passed cause I really needed to get to class lol. I do somewhat street racing, but I have my limits. Clear day, dry ground, with no traffic on a highway with no houses or sidewalks (there's alot of those when you don't live in a city lol) that is 55+mph, and I will race up to 70, sometimes 80.
  15. ty engage ill tell my friends that lol he got mad
    but yea about street racing im not stupid i know how it would impact anyone if anything happens beent hru it myselfbut if its safe tor ace ona street for free and like engage said about insurance i 100% agree with him
    there was like a group meeting with me and my buddies while i had my grand prix we would go behind companies and race because we asked and got it into writing if cops would come we said we would only race straight lane no bsing and one night some dumbass came and started doin donuts till his tires wore bold half of us started to leave when a group of cars approxemetly 5 cop cars came and arrested him and almost arrested the others. but yea some people do really take it to an dangerous extreem and some like to keep safe
  16. Need more help :)

    ok umm i was listening to a song i liked so i turned the bass almost all the way up and turned the valume maybe 70% up
    it sounded nice before the beat hit
    and the bass was loud but the words and the rest of the instruments turned down i think i dont have much power in my head unit
    i am goin to put in 2 12 kenwoods sometimes soon but i donno if i should now because of this power shortage do i need to buy a new cd player because the one in the car is stock.
  17. i got the pic of my baby :D check it out on my garage:) hope you like it
  18. im jealous of your lack of a spoiler ... but not of your wheels :) :stick: - Click on My Garage to see my 99.
  19. Needs an amp. Mine does the same thing, but I got a 400w amp and 2 10" subs in the back that still need to be wired in. I don't listen to it LOUD, but I do like a good beat and a better quality of sound.
  20. yea i have a profile amp im not sure how much wats its putitng out probably 100 somethin but i dont think i should use that one once i install the kenwoods i donno if u seen my pic of it but how much did u get ur amp for