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  1. :scratch: What happened with the pic? :shrug:
  2. lol hey zero ill take your spoiler if you dont want it :D

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  3. the entire setup, both 10" subs, box and amp for $180. It was on sale, so I was happy.
  4. do u have a site for some cheap amps maybe
  5. I looked at the pictures in your garage.. looks good! Nothing waxes and shines up better than black. If it were my car, first thing I would do is get new wheels & tires. After that, dual exhaust.. but on the 99-04 you have to change the rear bumper, right? Well, I would still do it. It's worth it. Those two things, wheels and exhaust, would make a huge difference.
  6. yea i looked at some wheels and tiress ima get the black with silver lip but for exhaust i donno if i will anytime soo because its too much i want to get some headlights and taillights my headlights are bad like the plastic looks weird it looks like its been eating from the inside i seen somone cleaning hat stuff off but i donno how to do that any suggestions
  7. yup ima get some back onse with silver lip dont kno abot exhaust yet but imaget headlights and tailights for sure cuz there is some nasty stuff on them
  8. If the headlights are smoked, you can sometimes pick up a cheap headlight restoration kit, or read this post on howto clean headlights cheaply:
    But if you do go with lights, clear corners or smoked lenses are nice, but some states you have to get a slightly stronger light to maintain the distance the light travels law. I still think about getting them heh.

    As for exhaust, no you do not need to get the GT bumper. Either you have turndowns (tips are angled to the ground), or you have the hangers set up to go right under the bumper. I'm going with tips hanging below the bumper.
  9. You can also get some of the smoked headlights like mine has. They some standard on all stangs '01(i believe) and greater. You should be able to pick up a set on ebay. They also sell some different smoked on on ebay too, it doesn't have the amber reflector and some of the other parts are darker.
  10. smoked only looks good on black or yellow/white with black accents all other colors ive see looks gehy but i havent sen em' all yet so i dunno but blue or red wit da smoke = gehy
  11. Ii've seen it on the fire red(the dark metallic one) and it looks pretty good.
  12. ehhhh a guy had em on his Mach a while back and it didnt look to hot and teh machs have black accents all over dem
  13. 35140_sm.jpg

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  14. so i was doin some reading and i run across on Superchip 1755 Micro Tuner: 2005+ Ford Mustang
    it looks good wat are some of ur guyses views on it

  15. You don't need too ... it would look better though... its on my list of things to do ... but i dont want to have to pay to get a bumper painted...

  16. for a 99, you would have to look at SCT or Diablo. Superchips only makes tuners that work on 2004 and up cars, a 2005 tuner wont work. SCT, Diablo, and Hypertech are the only 3 who have tuners for the 99 mustang, but I have no heard any good things on Hypertech so I wouldn't bother with them.

  17. About the headlights, those were the ones that I was talking about. I think they're OK, not dark enough for me and too 'clear'.

    About the tail lights, what's wrong with your stock ones? And tell me why you like the last two tail lights?
  18. I had Altezza tail lights on my car for about a month. And now they've been sitting in my closet for about a year now.
  19. about the last taillights i was just wondering about some of your guyses view dark or clear like those the first onse are my choice but the other one i have doubts that it wount look good so yea and this is a question for zeroculture how much did u pay all together for both exhaust and the cat back