New Owner Need Tips

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  1. I think the headlights will look good. Those tail lights that you have won't.

    I've seen some stangs that have the tail lights tinted black and it looks awesome on a black stang. I was only able to find one on a yellow one

    Also, I don't know how much money you have to spend, but I'd wait a while before you do anything to your car(I know it's hard). Trust me, look at other people's cars(online and in person), looks at mustang magazines, cardomain, stangnet's garage, ect to get ideas on what to do to your car. When I first got mine there were alot of things that I wanted to do to her. But I waited and after really thinking about it, I didn't like it or I found something even better. Good Luck.
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  3. thanks zinc yea i dont like those tail light now that i see how it looks on the car
  4. hey guys i have another question i need help wiht when i start my car and its still in park the fan turns on and will stay on for some time then will turn off again then start back up why does it need to use the fan anyways if the car has been sitting and its cold and i also thaught about tha i left the airconditioning but i didnt you guys might have some ideas plz share ty