New Paint Job Has Pinholes/pock Marks/hazing

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  1. Hey Folks,

    I've just picked up my '06 from the body shop - it was brutally egged and so the insurance company was nice enough to give her a new paint job. This shop is highly recommended by the insurance office (blue ribbon certified - take that however you like) but I'm having some tough times with the shop..

    Days ago, I was told it was ready and went to pick it up, only to find a lot of blemishes (pock marks) and some overspray on the glass. I asked about the pocks and the owner said to leave that alone because the paint cures for about 2-3 weeks, bring it back then, and they'd buff them all right out. I don't buy it. Either way, I left it for them to fix everything else and came back for it again yesterday.

    The pock marks are still found throughout. So I reiterated that I should bring it back in a few weeks to buff those out and the man told me no need, he'd already buffed them all out and had it hand waxed - mind you, this is after he told me a day earlier not to do any buffing for a few weeks - and the spots were still there!!

    Soooo, giving him the benefit of the doubt, I have taken it home - at which point I found some hazing on the fender, presumably where they buffed it too hard? At any rate, pictures have been taken, documented with the insurance company, and the ball has started rolling on their end again.

    The reason for this epistle of a post is that I need some education. Do the paints shops use now really take 2-3 weeks to fully cure? Are these pinholes normal? What causes them? Can they really be buffed out, or does it require repainting? Or is it "good enough" and I'm just being too anal about my baby?

    Thanks in advance, I'm really looking forward to hearing what ya'll think.

  2. I do bodywork for a living and in order to answer your questions the best i can you need to post some pictures. You could have a few things going on like trash in the paint, solvent pop, fish eyes etc. When a car comes out of the booth from being baked and it cools down for an hr or so you can buff on it. We do it every day. Post some pics
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  3. I agree with @pearlnotchback. To me it sounds like excuse though.
  4. Sorry I've been MIA. They took the car back - 2 1/2 weeks ago. The shop says they're going to redo the clearcoat and that that should fix the issues. Sorry I didn't get some pictures before it went back. I'm set to pick it up again tomorrow and hopefully I won't have a need to post pics at that point. Thanks guys.

    BTW - last time I was in there, the manager told me that all of these pock marks were underlying chips and nicks that were in the old paint job....would that be legit?
  5. Well, they should've fixed those before painting over them! That shop sounds like a JOKE.
  6. Joke doesn't touch it unfortunately. I took ownership again on Friday. They looked to have fixed the great majority of the issues I had with them. Pock marks are still here and there, but that battle doesn't seem to be negotiable. I'll be giving her a thorough wash/wax this week to engrave everything back in my memory that's on that car.

    The greater issue now - when I went to pick it up, they told me they couldn't get it started. They took it upon themselves to check under the hood (mind you with no phone call), checked the spark plugs, and I'm told they were all fouled and that 3 were loose in the head...they showed me a box of fouled plugs to "prove" this point. They said they found my boost-a-pump controller in the trunk and dialed it all the way back just to get it running again. She runs seemingly fine, but this week I intend to pop the hood and check the "new" plugs out myself.

    I guess we're headed off topic at this point, but does anyone have any input on THIS development??
  7. Ugh...sat down to start washing her up for waxing and found a nice sized area on the rear quarter panel full of curly-cues and very light hazing. I'm going to take it up with the insurance office (ha..ha..) but does anybody know if this is something I can easily remedy rather than pitching another fit?
  8. Pictures pictures pictures....

    Oh... and post some pictures.

    Heya... Did we cover that there needs to be some pictures?

    Wait.... Just a reminder to post up some pictures.
  9. pictures??? Hah, yeah not a bad idea. If the sun will come out today I'll snap'em.
  10. No sunlight :( We'll try again today.
  11. The curly cues are DA sand scratches. If there is any filler in that area chances are it was finished out rough in probably 80 grit and the primer shrunk leaving you with the scratches. The only option here is to redo it.
  12. Nice pictures
  13. Man that paint job looks awesome!:shrug:
  14. Looks good to me
  15. im in the buisness also,if you post pics then we can see what your talking about...untill then....paint job looks awsome...