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  1. so the man in the brown van came by today and dropped off a set of BFG KDWs (275/35-18) and a set of bilstien shocks and struts to go along with the MM C/C plates i got a week ago. I will be a busy man this saturday :D
    Is there anything else i should consider before i get started on the install? O... i also bought the SLP Brake control package from mustangtuning just for kicks :) . I would take pics of everything but for some reason my camera charger is MIA, DOH! :bang: .
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  3. That brake control package looks interesting.. :)
  4. kilgore.....very nice :drool: but my ups delivery person has a beer belly and a goatee :nonono:
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  5. Let us know how that shock/strut install goes and how much of a difference you see. I'm feeling a little distracted by that pic. If my UPS dude looked like that...I'd be ordering **** everyday, then throw the little signing pen across the yard, then wait for her to go pick it up.