New Personal Best: 11.75 @ 120.81

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  1. Yup, went down to the track today for a few 1/4 mile passes. Wound up with an 11.75 @ 120.81 mph. I'm too lazy to go get the slip from my car, but the 60' was something like a 1.83 and the 1/8th was a 7.60ish at 93ish. I'll update this with a scanned slip later on.

    Now, does anyone remember this thread: ?

    Well, I can answer that question. A roots blower LOVES the nitrous. I put a dry kit on my car a couple months back and have been testing/tuning it for a while. Finally got it dialed in about like I want it. I hit it with a .029 jet (about a 25 horsepower shot), and it went from a 12.15 at 116 mph to the time above. So it picked up .4 seconds and 5 mph on a tiny shot. It definitely loves it.

    I was honestly a little scared of hitting it too soon on the track for traction reasons, but it was hooking fine today. That best pass came with me leaving at 1700 rpm and the nitrous coming in at 2400 rpm. However, later in the day, I bumped it down to 2200 and left harder at 1750 and got a 60' down to a 1.77, but this was on a hot-lap and the time wound up being a tad slower overall (11.80 @ 118). I think that having the nitrous come in at 2000 rpm and with a good cool down, it would go 11.5s at 121ish. Oh well, maybe next time.
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  2. Nice time there. Even more so the mph!
  3. damn, I swear you are getting to be the quickest SVO blower car!!
  4. I'm actually already the fastest SVO car at 118.40 mph. The ET record is an 11.49 @ 117.xx. Gears, converter, and enough traction, and I'm there.
  5. nice! i would be way too scared to spray a boosted stock bottom end.
  6. Great job Will, very nice mph!
  7. That's moving out... awesome!
  8. Awesome Sneaky!!!
  9. Unfortunately didn't get any external video from this trip, but I did get a decent in-car video. Hate that it's taken me this long to get it posted up.....anyways, enjoy!

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  10. Your car is faster than mine, nice!
  11. great video:stig:
  12. With 50 less horsepower no doubt, kinda takes me out of the most horsepower search and puts me in the most efficacy of horsepower search; for lack of a better word.
  13. Great job Will! Nitrous plus a blower is awesome! That's a great ET! Nice to see you picked up 25mph with the auto on the back half as well!
  14. Thanks folks.

    Yea Winters98GT, it really does like it. It's picking up nearly 30 mph on some runs, and that's with the stock gears. Can't wait to get a set of 3.73s in and let it eat. If I can get that 60' down into the lower 1.7 range, the ETs are gonna come down a lot more. That 11.75 run was with a 1.84 60'. That very same day, (just with some more tuning on the window switch activation), I cut a 1.77. And I think it's got more in it just like it sits. It's definitely capable of mid 11s as it sits, with low 11s with a converter and gears.