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  1. damn, that thing MOVES!!! great video man!
  2. Thanks :)

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  3. At least you still have a local track for you to run. Ours closed this year. :(
  4. That was an awesome in car video! I loved watching that tach turn red at every shift. :)
  5. Thanks, the beast is a lot of fun to drive. I was playing with my shift points and my launch rpm. I just can't get enough of the sound, I love how it sounds rowing through the gears :)
  6. Well that blows!
  7. Didn't think we needed two threads on the go. ;) Nice time BTW. :nice:

    How about a break down of your mods?
  8. Yeah, about that... I thought I was on svtp on my phone. My bad :)

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  9. Alright, here it goes:
    Steeda CAI
    Boss intake
    BBR 93 tune
    Lethal O/R x-pipe
    Cherry bomb glass packs (going on this weekend)
    Side exit exhaust (going in, and its a rough to test the idea, far from a finished product)
    CHE k-member brace with torque limiters
    Boss Strut Tower Brace (not on right now)
    Sway bars removed
    Axle tubes welded
    Ford racing rear end girdle
    UPR axle tube braces (welding in this weekend)
    BMR relocation brackets
    L&M adj lca
    Fayys 2 Watts link
    MGW shifter
    Stainless steel braided brake lines
    Raptor shift light
    WOT box with 2 step
    Clutch helper spring removal
    Cobra jet springs (going in this weekend)
    Custom left front quarter panel vent ( to vent engine heat and eventually front brakes)
    Custom grill
    15x10 and 17x4 wheels for drag racing
    With 275/60 15 MT DR, M&H skinnies up front
    Lots of weight loss
    I don't think I've forgotten anything.
    The car is a work in progress...

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  10. Good news, at least for North Jersey, Island Dragway will be opening it's gates again on July 5th!!!
  11. Took my Mustang to the track last week. (5.0 Auto) My best, and first run, was a 13.07 @ 109mph. Bone stock except for a K&N Air filter. Had a lot of fun, I'm so glad Island Dragway reopened.

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  12. Awesome! Just warning you, drag racing is addictive :)

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  13. ;)

    I have been racing for a few years now. I also have a 66 Mustang I take to the track. There is a BIG difference in feel between the 66 and the 13. Even thought the 66 is slower, it's more fun.
  14. Awesome, love the early mustangs :)
    I would imagine that the 66 is more involved to drive. More noise and alkyl that. Mine is getting to the point where it's hard to get more time out if it. Working on the driver mod :)

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  15. Nice video Clair! Pretty solid time too!


    -Nick C.
  16. Thanks :)

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