New pics of 01 GT and welding pics

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  1. Im about done with this car, for looks.. found a nice spot and day, so i shot a few more pics of it.

    BTW, I suggest wearing longsleve shirts when welding.. although for some reason I dont mind the sunburn and radiation, and smell of burnt hair/skin.



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  2. been there done that... my arms are still a little red from welding weeks ago :D managed to burn my knee somehow too :shrug: :lol: lookin good
  3. The 01 came out nice. I remember visting and seeing that body kit lying around with no prep work done.
  4. hahaha...when my dad was teaching me to weld a few months ago, the only form of shadeing for my eyes i had was one of the insert pieces of plastic that goes in the masks that i was holding up to my after like an hour of watching my dad weld, and then me welding for a while, i get in teh house, and i have a rectangular white box on my face around my eyes, and part of my nose.....silly me lol :rolleyes:
  5. 01GTnew_02.jpg

    Damn oink I am always impressed with your work. Looks great. I love the black hood. :hail2:

    BTW Oink. What wing is that? My brother wants the s281 E wing for his Mach 1. That wouldnt happen to be it would it? :shrug:


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  6. That is the nicest rear bumper ever created. Even for our cars, too bad I'm stuck on getting the side exit kit.

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  7. I love it man. Honestly one of the nicest Mustangs I have ever seen because of that hood.

    Btw, you still sellin those 03 cobra rims? If so, how much. Chrome Saleen rims would finish that car right up. :cheers:
  8. That looks awesome hand down very well put together.
  9. that looks so nice, you did an amazing job with it
  10. Seriously, you need to stop posting pic's of that car....i keep getting drool on my shirt :drool:

    Looks amazing!!!!!!!!!
  11. you are an insane human being......seriouly man you bang out magazine article worthy mustangs like its your job......they are both ****in amazing get that damn red one finished man.......
  12. Thanks guys!

    No, the wing isn't the E model.. Its the standard S281 wing for 01-up (slightly different then the 99-00 I believe)

    Yea Im about done with it, although I would like to get the Saleen replicas, but can't seem to sell, or get the extra money up for 18" tires.. Im asking $850 for the 03 Cobras w/tires.
  13. One time I was welding and an ember hit me square in the tit...that was no fun. The yellow car looks great man.
  14. :rlaugh: havent had one hit me there yet, but I've had quite a few fall in my shoe
  15. Sexy kinda! Do you have AIM? I want to talk to you about welding.
  16. Yeah, long sleeve shirts are a minimum when welding. I was practicing welding at work, and after an hour of welding my arms were 2nd degree burnt. Lesson learned.

    The UV is the worst part of it, not the heat.
  17. i was welding my gokart while i was squatting, it hurt to walk for like a week b/c of the burns i got on the insides of my knees... + i forgot about all the slag from flux core so i ruined some good shorts...


    this freakin car deserves to be in teh main tech forum... it's too awesome not to be

    OINK IS TURNING ME AWAY FROM SN95s and towards this one
  18. Yea thats the thing.. When I did the MIG welding I couldnt get away without an apron, and longsleve shirt.. Sparks fly everywhere.
    With TIG you can weld in a white suit and not get a spec of anything on it.. Very clean and precise welding.

    Didn't post it in Tech cause I fugured everyone has seen the car before and got sick of it.. so why not bullshi* and post it in talk, ya know.